How To Get Business Phone Numbers in Minutes

How To Get Business Phone Numbers in Minutes

If you’re looking for a business phone service, the last thing you want is to have to deal with the time-consuming task of setting up a complicated telephony solution. So why not take a much simpler route? There is a way that you can get business phone numbers in minutes. This type of solution can route your calls to your existing office phone, or even your cell phone. There are a number of solutions you can choose from which will get you hooked up with business phone numbers in minutes. If you already have a number, that’s not a problem either, because you can port it over to your new provider.

One of the best companies you can use for acquiring US phone numbers in minutes is Global Call Forwarding. When you talk to them about setting up business numbers, they can provide you with a solution that will be ready to use in minutes.

Customizing your Business Phone Numbers in Minutes

Your business number can say a lot about your company. Don’t think you have no control over the one you purchase. Global Call Forwarding gives you options to choose regarding the location and presentation of your business phone numbers. Once your number is registered, it is yours to keep, and no one else can use it. If for some reason you decide that you do not want the number anymore, you can have it removed from your Global Call Forwarding account. When you subscribe to virtual business numbers from Global Call Forwarding, you can assign them to one or more phones.

Toll Free and Vanity Phone Numbers

With Global Call Forwarding, you can also subscribe to toll free and vanity numbers. Toll free numbers allow your customers to call your business without having to pay a charge for the call. Your company pays for toll free calls instead. This means they can contact your business at any time without any inconvenience of cost, and they will really appreciate this.
In the United States, there are currently seven toll free codes. These are: 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, and 833. 822 is expected to be put into use in the future. When you subscribe to a toll free number, it can be connected to your business or personal phone.

Vanity numbers are also available as toll free numbers. The main difference is that they use words or acronyms to advertise your company; for example, 1-800-NEW-CARS or 1-833-MUSHROOMS. Some numbers are no longer available with an 800 prefix, but if you contact Global Call Forwarding, they will let you know which numbers are available.

Business Phone Numbers Mean You’re Always Available

One of the main advantages of virtual business US phone numbers is that you are always available. This is because you can have your calls to your business number routed to the phone of your choice. Whether it’s your office phone, your smartphone, your home phone, or your hotel room phone. For those times when you are not available, you can have calls forwarded to your customer service team or another colleague.

Another key benefit of virtual business phone numbers is that because you can subscribe to a local virtual business phone number in just about any city in the U.S. or worldwide, regardless of your location, it gives your business a local presence. This allows your dedicated company agents to give their leads and clients specific local numbers. It is great for giving their business experience a personalized touch. Additionally, it makes it easier for agents to know who is calling them.

As well as establishing a local presence, virtual business phone numbers also help you save on your business costs. How so? Because when you establish a local presence, wherever in the world, both you and your customers bypass long-distance calling fees. This is a real money-saver if your company has an international presence.

A further benefit of having virtual business phone numbers is that your company attains a much more professional image. Virtual business numbers allow you to establish as many phone numbers as you need. This allows you to use different numbers for each department in your company or each service that you offer.

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