How to Get A Promotion at Amazon

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have heard of Amazon. It is the top ecommerce platform in the United States. However, it has a reach that goes far beyond America.

Amazon employs people worldwide. In 2019, it had more than 798,000 employees. It also hires additional people during the holiday season, which means it is a significant employer.

If you have just started at Amazon and need to get promoted, here is everything you need to know.

Amazon has a proprietary promotion system to create equality.

Amazon’s Rigorous Promotion System

Keep in mind that it is not easy to get a promotion at Amazon. You have to be willing to work hard consistently to see results. That is because the organization employs people from all backgrounds, and competition is fierce.

When you start working at Amazon, you are a Tier 1 employee. Everyone that starts their job aims to reach Tier 3. If that is your aim too, keep in mind you need to have a good relationship with your manager.

That is because you only get a promotion at Amazon if your manager is willing to bat for you against other managers. Your manager needs to have a debate with others and argue why you deserve a promotion. Everyone weighs in their experience of working with you, and then a decision is reached.

Jeff Bezos came up with this promotion strategy because he intended to stop political promotions inside the company. That is why from day one, you have to build a good rapport with your managers and others in the organization. Once you do that, you will have a higher chance of being promoted.

There are proven ways to increase your chances at a promotion.

Top 5 Tips to Get A Promotion at Amazon

Now that you have a small glimpse into the inner workings of Amazon, here are some tried and tested tips you need to apply to get a promotion:

1. Get to Know Your Area Manager

Your area manager will be the person that will be making your case. That is why you need to build a good rapport with him. When you start working, ensure you get to know him and make sure he knows your name.

You can do that by giving a great first impression so he can remember you after that. After all, everyone will be trying to build a positive relationship with their area managers, so you need to stand out. Always be polite to your manager and let him know you take this job seriously.

Managers need people that will go above and beyond their duties to help the organization. That is the kind of attitude you need to portray for an area manager to remember your name. Once you make an impression, you can build a positive working relationship with him.

2. Prove Yourself to Be Reliable

Every organization needs people it can count on no matter what. If you want your manager to bat for you, you need to prove that you are reliable and consistent. Here are a few ways you can do that:

  • Always be on time
  • Always meet your work deadlines
  • Work hard and give 100% to a task
  • Ask if you can help in additional ways

These four ways will show your area manager you are serious about your job. Many people work at Amazon temporarily and then leave. That is why if you want a promotion, you need to show your manager how serious you are.

Once your manager understands that he can rely on you, he will give you more work and responsibilities. You can do them in the best way possible to impress him and ensure promotion in the long run.

3. Get to Know the Management

When the debate of promotion starts, other managers and executives will also weigh in on the decision. That is why you must get to know them. That does not mean you should be pushy and clingy.

Instead, offer to work more and build a positive relationship with them. Once they get to know you, they will remember your name. It will help your case, and they will agree with your area manager once he decides to give you a promotion.

It’s very easy to spot ambition in the workplace.

4. Take Extra Opportunities

Going above and beyond the duty call is what many managers need. Managers at Amazon want employees to be serious and do whatever they can to prove themselves. That is why you should not sit and wait for opportunities to come to you.

At a massive retail giant like Amazon, opportunities are everywhere. That is why you need to get up and find them to prove yourself to the manager. Volunteer in any way you can and take up any extra work.

It will show your manager that you don’t shy away from hard work in the long run. That is why he will be willing to make your case and make a decision in your favor.

5. Always Be Polite

Amazon is an incredibly diverse organization. It employs people of all genders, races, ethnicities, and much more. That is why this is a tip you need to always keep in mind.

Have a positive rapport with everyone, and make sure you are polite at all times. That is because you may unknowingly offend someone, which can hurt your chances of getting a promotion. Any employee can report misbehavior and misdemeanor from other employees.

That is why you should always keep your tone and words in check. You can never be too careful.

Final Words

That was your complete guide on how to get a promotion at Amazon. It is not easy, but these tips will make everything easier for you. Once you follow them consistently, your area manager will be willing to bat for you and decide in favor of your promotion.

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