How to Gather Proxies for Viewbotting Twitch TV

How to Gather Proxies

One of the major ways to make money on the internet is via online streaming and a large number of individuals are taking advantage of this opportunity. One of the popular streaming platforms is Twitch Tv and it is used mostly by professional gamers and gaming enthusiasts. Because of the large number of broadcasters available on platforms like this, the struggle to get views, subscribers, sponsors, and other benefits has become harder than ever. 

Because of this competitiveness between broadcasters on sites like Twitch TV, they have devised a way to achieve views which leads to other benefits by using a technique called viewbotting. By making use of proxies like to perform viewbotting, these broadcasters have found a loophole to catapult themselves to profits and fame. However, viewbotting has made it hard for advertising agencies to know which views are real and which isn’t. In this article, we will be discussing viewbotting on Twitch TV and the ways to gather proxies for it. Let’s get right to it, shall we?

Introducing Twitch TV

Twitch TV which was debuted in 2009 is one of the biggest video game streaming platforms in the world. There are a large number of streamers playing video games on the platform at every given time in a bid to gain viewers and subscribers. Due to a large number of broadcasters streaming simultaneously, Twitch only features the top broadcasters’ on the channel’s first page. 

These top broadcasters are determined by the number of viewers so to be on the top page of these categories, you have a large number of subscribers and views. Because of this feature, it is hard for new streamers to get their content out there. This is where viewbotting comes in as it allows even new streamers to get the views (however false it is) that they need.

Understanding Viewbotting on Twitch TV

With viewbotting, streamers can get faux views for their streams – this way, they get the push they need to get to the category leaderboards. It is always very difficult for new streamers to get viewers and followers on their broadcasts. With viewbotting, broadcasters can rent as many viewers that they need for their streams to start getting the attention that it needs. When a broadcast has large viewings, the chances of real viewers watching the stream is increased.

With viewbotting, users have found around the system that makes it difficult for new streamers. When the channels of broadcasters become popular, they start to make a lot of money off the site and this is the goal of a lot of streamers.

Gathering Proxies for Viewbotting

There are several proxy networks and services like that offer fake viewers to broadcasters in exchange for money. These fake viewers that these services offer to connect to the broadcasters’ stream and communicates like a real user. Because Twitch has reduced views to ten views per IP, proxies are the next best thing for viewbotting on this platform.

When broadcasters gather proxies for viewbotting, the fake views will not come from just one IP address but multiple addresses that make it more real. Some viewbotting services have a subscription-based system based on the number of fake viewers the broadcaster needs. However, viewbotting is not a harmless technique as it can be considered as a type of fraud by select people.

To Wrap It Up

Viewbotting is a technique used by broadcasters on streaming platforms like Twitch TV to gain fake views on their posts. This technique is very popular on this platform because it is very difficult for new broadcasters to get viewers and subscribers on their streams. Twitch TV runs on a system that shows the top streamers on a leaderboard according to categories and this is determined by views. A large number of streamers make use of proxies like for viewbotting – this way, the fake views will not come from just a single IP address.

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