How to Find the Best UX Design Agency for Web3 Projects?

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Cryptocurrencies have become increasingly popular over the past decade. According to, the number of global crypto owners worldwide will reach 1 billion by the end of 2022. New crypto wallets and products are introduced to the market every day, says Time. How can your crypto products succeed in the highly competitive web3 internet? Excellent UX design will become the critical differentiator.

In the web3 industry, although every professional product manager recognizes the importance of UX design, many of them face difficulties finding an agency that serves their needs. Here are the top tips for choosing the right web3 UX design agency.

Portfolios and Experience in Web3 UX Design

You may find many UX agencies produce brilliant work, but good UX design is more than just beautiful mobile app and website layouts. You need an agency with a niche in web3 product design.

You must examine the company’s portfolio and experience, checking whether their team has a trackable record of working on web3 design projects. Are they good at creating educational onboarding experiences for crypto newbies? Do they understand the security concern of the users? In addition to looking at the portfolio of the UX agency, clients’ testimonials can also tell you valuable information about whether the agency can professionally deliver its web3 design service.

When choosing a UX design agency, always remember to work with an expert in a specific niche. It’s especially true for web3 projects because designers who are good at creating digital products in the web2 world may not have the knowledge and expertise necessary in web3 product design. Unique research, design ideas and innovation are indispensable to make your product stand out in the next generation of the internet.

Meanwhile, many UX agencies and designers showcase concept images instead of real projects in their UX portfolios. In such a case, UX research and usability testing may not play a role in the product design. It is crucial that the agency can provide live websites or apps of crypto projects that users can interact with.

If an agency has rich and valuable resources in Web3 UX design, it indicates that they are the real experts in the industry. For instance, UXBoost, an UX design agency specializing in Web3 and blockchain product design, UX research and training services, has regularly published blog articles, webinars and freebies related to their expertise. Collaborating with Web3 industry leaders to build your product is undoubtedly a reliable choice.

UX Research Skill

User experience research tells what the end users need and want, providing actionable insights to improve a product’s design and experience of a product.

In web 3.0, UX research has become more determinant than before as it helps eliminate the understanding gap between the “web3 insider” and the end user with less professional knowledge.

Through user interviews, user journey mapping, heuristic evaluation and persona development, you will understand better users’ needs on cryptocurrencies, NFT, DAOs and blockchain. It helps web3 startups make all these pieces fit together, creating better products and making wiser business decisions.

Communication and Project Management

When communicating with the UX agency, you should ask questions about the team’s expertise in web3 product design, project timeline and deliverables, etc. Whether the UX agency can respond timely and deliver proposals on schedule proves their professionalism in project management and communication, as well as their enthusiasm and motivation to work for your web3 project.

Set the Goals

Before signing a service contract with a UX design agency, you must clearly explain to them the business goal of your web3 project. Set the proper project milestone and ensure everyone from your team and the design agency are on the same page. You can set the targets and metrics to meet and how both sides maintain transparent and regular communication throughout the project.

A smooth user experience in crypto and web3 products will ultimately determine whether they become your loyal users or go for a more straightforward experience from your competitors. Choosing the right web3 UX design agency as your partner will definitely bring you closer to your goal.

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