How to Easily Remove Pet Hair from Carpet

Remove Pet Hair from Carpet

Animal lovers that have the furriest of pets almost always automatically accept having excess pet hair as a part of life. Whether it’s a dog, cat, or another adorably furry pet, it often seems like no matter what you do, you can’t seem to get the hair out of the carpet.

Cleaning Pet Hair from Your Carpet

Instead of spending another hour trying to vacuum every inch of your floor, it’s time to try a different approach. Read on for a few guaranteed ways to get pet hair out of your carpet:

1. Spot Clean with a Sticky Lint Roller

Lint rollers have long since been a staple in every pet owner’s fur-removing toolbox. This sticky invention makes it easier than ever to remove the likes of dog hair or cat fur from your home. As effective as rollers are, if you’re hoping to use it to clean the entire floor rather than just one section, you’ll need to use multiple lint rollers to do so.

2. De-Fur Large Surface Cleaning Roller

Need to give your carpet a deep clean but don’t want to spend time with the lint roller, consider a large surface mega cleaning roller. This device is ideal for rugs, staircases, and upholstery. Built with a 3 ft handle and a larger sticky roller at the end, this device handles like a duster that attracts all the hair and fur in your home to it. Though you will get results with this roller, it’s not best to use this device for cleaning hair or deep carpet.

3. Use a Deshedding and Grooming Glove

This handy grooming tool is advertised a deshedder for dogs, but it also makes for an amazing surface cleaner as well. If you already have this product laying around the house, simply put it on and run your hand over the rugs, carpet, and furniture to pick up tufts of fur and hair.

4. Clean with a Fur Remover

Another grooming and cleaning tool is a brush that doubles as a fur remover. When you’re not using this brush to groom your pet, use the side with the finer bristles to make sure your carpet is fur-free. Reviewers say this strategy is more effective than using a lint roller and is ultimately more convenient to use as lint rollers frequently need to be replaced.

5. Eliminate Fur with a Rubber Broom

Looking for great brooms for removing dog hair? Look no further than this. Better than a traditional broom, this rubber broom makes gathering hair easier than ever. The best thing about this broom is that it works well on a variety of surfaces–especially carpet.

As these brooms feature long handles and rubber bristles, you’ll be able to easily pick up the fur from your carpeting.

6. Deep Clean with a Specialty Vacuum

Pet owners can never go wrong with vacuum cleaning when it comes to cleaning up pet hair. With a vacuum specifically designed to suction up pet hair, dirt, and dander from upholstery and carpet, you’ll be able to get a deeper clean than would be possible with a traditional vacuum.

The best kind of vacuum for dog hair is lightweight and versatile, with a long cord that makes it easy to get into every corner of your carpeting when cleaning it.

7. Try Velcro Curlers to Get Rid of Fur

Velcro curlers make it easy to clean up pet hair from furniture and carpeted floors. This product is ideal for sturdy materials, making it convenient to use when trying to keep your floor fur-free. These curlers use the power of velcro to pick up any loose fur or piles of hair as you work to deep clean the carpet.

Another great benefit of these curlers is that they bend easily, giving you an easy way to reach tighter spaces. To make sure you always get the deep clean you want, keep a few curlers around as you may need more than one to get the carpet completely clean.

8. Use Duct Tape to Clean Up

If you’re ever in a bind and are short on time and cleaning supplies, duct tape is an effective solution for cleaning up pet hair. Using the likes of duct tape or packing tape will pull up any fur that’s lingering in your carpet. Though you’ll need a lot of tape to take on your entire carpet, you should be able to get most of the hair up eventually.

9. Clean Creatively with a Pumice Stone

Need to clean a less dense carpet? Use a pumice stone to remove the excess hair, according to

As pumice stones are particularly rough, it’s best to only use this method with more durable carpeting. When using this method, many people also use fabric softener to eliminate static cling, which will help to loosen the floor and make the pumice less abrasive.

10. Get Rid of Pet Hair with Wire Brushes

Another important cleaning tool to have around is a wire brush. Wire brushes are helpful in removing stubborn strands of pet hair. Just like the pumice stone, the wire brush will use the abrasiveness of the wire to break up tightly packed pet fur, making it easy to clean up.

11. Wipe the Floor Clean with a Squeegee

Squeegees are another creative tool to use when cleaning your flooring. Rubber squeegees are ideal for wiping up pet hair as fur is attracted to rubber, says This squeegees are easy to reuse and clean, making it one of the most reliable carpet cleaning methods.

Give yourself the gift of clean living as you search for the best ways to keep your carpet free of fur. Use this guide to inspire you to try these innovative cleaning tips for your home.



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