How to Do Guest-Posting That Support Link-Building Efforts of a Business?

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Every business wishes to expand organic traffic by around 20% to 100%. The suite of SEO tools helps improve organic rankings and brings massive qualified traffic to the website. Guest post is one of these tools that enable building brand authority in the industry. 

This article tells you about the importance of writing guest posts and ways to do it to build a backlink profile in a business.  

Why Does A Business Need Guest Posting?

Guest posts are written to provide informative content to the website. It enables the much-required in-text link and distinctive pitching angles. To build quality links, it is important to create a guest post with case studies that will help drive SEO value for several years to come.

ACG digital marketing is a leading company that offers exemplary digital marketing and SEO solutions to its clients. Their exemplary guest post service helps build a high-value backlink profile for its customers.  

Link building is a crucial aspect of a successful SEO strategy. When implemented correctly and adhered to guidelines and principles of Google, it leads to quality guest posts. Guest blogging for superior authority websites and expansion in readership uses quality content to develop valuable links. 

A business should not focus solely on getting more backlinks from guest posts, as there are chances that it can get you low-quality websites. This could damage the reputation of your business. 

Ways to Get Guest Posting Opportunities for Link Building

Find Websites to Write Guest Posts 

  • Do Google Search

There are ample resources on the web that provides guidelines to write guest posts for a website. Here are some of the useful search terms that can help you find niche-specific guidelines. These are “guest blog,” “becomes a contributor,” “write for us,” etc. 

To find a website that accepts guest posts, you can search in the following ways:

  • [Keyword] followed by “This is a guest post”
  • [Keyword] followed by “Contributing Author”
  • [Keyword] followed by “Guest Columnist” etc.
  • Analyze The Backlinks of Your Business’ Competitor

It may not be possible to analyse bigger websites as they could have a thousand backlinks. It is better to assess backlinks for a medium-sized and small-sized website. There are tools that you can use to go through the links that your competitor obtains.

Looking at the backlinks, there is a possibility to find posts that have been written as a guest post for a business. In this way, you can know which website accepts guest posts from bloggers. 

  • Search by “Influencers”

Another important way to find guest posting opportunities is to find out an influencer that belongs to your niche. If that person frequently writes guest posts, then you can target those websites. To do this, all you need is to do a google search using their names on Google. You could get a few websites to approach for guest posts.

Refine the Target List

Once you have obtained the list of websites to write guest posts, you will need to shortlist the list. Select the ones that will be beneficial to build quality backlinks. Make use of the below parameters to shortlist the websites:

  • Domain Authority (definition)
  • Quality of Content
  • Author Bio: Check

Think About Content Ideas

Now that you have the websites to publish guest posts, think about the topics on which you will write a guest post. It is important to ensure that the guest post topic you choose should be appropriate for that website. Use tools to find impressive post titles. 

Form your post with a mix of simple and high-level content ideas. Once that is done, you can contact the website owners to get approval to write guest posts for their website. 


A guest post boosts organic traffic and improves search rankings too. Follow the above tips to generate high-quality links effectively with this technique. 



Ashley Macdonald
Ashley has recently joined the FeedsPortal content writing team and brings with her a wealth of journalistic experience, which we believe our readers will find extremely useful.

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