How to Design Your Candle Boxes? 5 Tips from Professionals

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Candle businesses are thriving like never before. But while many brands rely solely on the aesthetic look and fragrance qualities of their candles to allure clients, others are also reaping the benefits of having beautiful high-quality candle boxes.

Ready to learn more about how to design the perfect candle packaging and how your business could benefit from it? Keep on reading. In this article, the packaging professionals from Packlion are sharing everything you need to know about candle box design. 

Why does candle packaging matter?

We know what you might be thinking. When it comes to boutique candles, people are more drawn to the sensual experience of smelling the candle, not so much to the visual appeal of the packaging. In addition, candle packaging is rarely on display in online and physical stores, so what makes it so important? Let’s get into it.

While these statements might be partially true, you must think of candle packaging as a part of a fully immersive product experience. Why only interest one sense (smell), when you can also trigger excitement visually (sight) and sensibly (touch)?

Candle packaging elevates the experience from the moment the client sees the beautiful box, through the process of feeling its texture during unboxing, and then finally lighting up the aromatic candle. 

Another reason why packaging matters is it protects the candles from damage during storage and transportation. Candles are naturally fragile and prone to breaking. So are the plastic, aluminum, or glass containers candles are usually stored into. No client wants to receive their candle in a bad condition, and no business wants to have this problem either.

5 tips for the perfect candle box design

1. Choose attractive colors

The right color choice is key to a flawless and attractive candle box design. The secret is to focus on colors and gradient combinations appealing to your target audience that at the same time accurately represent the contents of the box. 

Every color triggers a certain emotion, tells its own story, and is associated with a distinctive aroma. Clients would be more prone to buy your candles if they can easily recognize different product types by the color scheme of the box. That is how with a thoughtful and enticing design with relevant colors, you can inspire customers and grab their attention. 

2. Use the minimalistic style

When it comes to candles, simple packaging with a minimalistic theme is the way to go. Fewer elements do not make packaging less attractive. In fact, minimizing the elements, colors, and patterns in your candle packaging design is a very influential design practice many luxury brands stand behind.

Minimalism is a wonderful design approach to inspire a feeling of subtlety, relaxation, and wellness, according to Tate. All things you would instantly associate candles with. So if you feel like your candle brand is about peace and gracefulness, minimalism is a perfect way to express that to your customers.

3. Pay attention to the fonts

Another design factor to think about in candle packaging is the font and the typography, says Engadget. Different style fonts express different things. So you need to be certain of what message you want to convey and what customers you want to attract with your candle box design. 

There are some general tips you need to follow font-wise for a beautiful design. Most importantly, the candle box text needs to be readable. Dark-colored bold fonts look best on the outer packaging. 

Use heavy fonts for legible text and make sure the text size is big enough to read comfortably. Otherwise, your font might be corrupted during printing, ink can bleed and small writing could become too hazy or blurry to read. 

4. Include a clear description

Candle box designs should communicate to the client what to expect from the product and what the brand values are. For that reason, you need to make sure the packaging displays accurate information about the contents of the candle box. 

That includes a description of the candle, information on its aromatic qualities, ingredient list, usage instructions, and other relevant details you feel like conveying to the clients. Be transparent with the information you share.

5. Use eco-friendly materials

The modern-day consumer is very environmentally aware and prone to look for eco-friendly products more than ever before. Therefore, the perfect candle box would not be complete without sustainable packaging. After all, candles are a natural product, so staying close to nature with the packaging is somewhat expected from a candle brand. 

That is not a bad thing at all. In the long term, striving for eco-friendly packaging solutions is bound to reduce your business’ ecological footprint and lower your transportation costs. A win for your business, a win for your clients, and a win for the environment.

The best materials to choose for a candle box are paper and cardboard. Made of renewable resources, these materials are durable, lightweight, biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable. The full package for a positive environmental change through your brand.

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