How to Conference Call Like a Pro: 5 Important Tips for Success

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Conference calls are a great way for business partners or employees to connect when they are separated physically. Remote employees or individuals who have to travel a lot must use conference calls to stay afloat in their profession. 

There are a few things to keep in mind when you get on a call, though, because meeting virtually is a little different from being there in person. We’re going to give you a few tips on how to conference call in this article, setting you up for success.

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5 Tips on How to Conference Call

Before we get started, we should note how important it is to find the right conference call provider. Picking the service with the right option can be the difference between instant conference call success and waiting around to troubleshoot connection issues. 

Just be sure that the service you choose has all of the features that you need. With that said, let’s get to the tips you need:

1. Create an Outline

Most professionals you connect with on a conference call will be busy, and the time you have alotted is the only time you get. 

With that in mind, be sure to have a clear itinerary of things you’d like to discuss and how much time you have to discuss them. 

2. Leave Room for Discussion and Participation

It’s important that no one gets on the horn and doesn’t say anything during the call. Physical meetings provide a different opportunity for people to engage, but conference calls can promote listening rather than discussing. 

Be explicit about your desire for everyone to contribute. When people express their ideas, brainstorming and progress can occur more easily. 

3. Don’t Be Late

It’s likely that everyone on the call has a very specific time scheduled. It’s important that you are on the call at that time because people might get confused by the technology or think that they’ve made a mistake. 

This might lead them to troubleshoot when there’s no need to and end up missing the call. You should try to be on the call at least 5 or 10 minutes early.

4. Select a Quiet Space

A busy cafe or a library might seem like good public options, but it’s important that the place you’re in is quiet and you’re not bothering anyone. 

Select a place where you can feel free to speak as loudly and openly as the situation calls for. Additionally, be sure that there won’t be any sound interference from background noise. 

5. Prepare Reference Material

If the concepts you’re discussing are complicated and would typically have a visual component, be sure to create and provide visual material for the people on the call. 

This may be a Powerpoint, chart, image, or anything you need. Having reference material can save you time spent describing things or explaining.

Need More Business Hacks?

Being a professional in the digital age can be a difficult task. From knowing how to conference call to understanding the tools of the trade, we’re here to help.

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