How to Choose the Right Sunglass Lens Color

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Sunglasses come in many different lens colors. Therefore, when shopping for sunglasses, you have to choose a color that best suits your lifestyle. Lenses are available in colors such as black, grey, brown, yellow, orange, green, red, and amber. While some lucky people can afford to have all these colors in their wardrobe, for most it is not possible. It is therefore essential to know how to choose the best lens color for your sunglasses. The ideal color is one that suits you. Below are some helpful tips when choosing the right sunglasses lens color.

1. When Do You Use Your Sunglasses?

When and where do you wear sunglasses most? While every color will protect your eyes from destructive UV rays, some colors will improve certain tasks’ efficiency. For instance, if you are buying sunglasses to use when driving, go for the brown and grey lenses. Avoid the amber and yellow colored lens because they may distort the color of traffic lights. But if you’re looking for sunglasses to use when fishing and boating, consider the pink or rose-tinted lens.

2. Consider Local Weather

Before shopping for sunglasses, it is crucial to factor in your local weather. This is because some shades are better in one weather and not the other. For instance, if you reside in the tropics, look for a suitable color for sunny days. However, if you live in the North, look for a sunglass lens color ideal for snowy weather.

  • Green lenses are ideal for almost all weather conditions, including rain.
  • Red, blue, pink, and purple lenses are ideal for misty and snowy conditions
  • Amber, gray, brown are best for sunny days
  • Yellow lenses are best for foggy conditions and also areas with heavy air pollution.

3. Get Lens That Match Your Sport

Just like there are attires for every sport, you should consider matching your sunglass lens color to your kind of sport. Certain colors will give you an edge if you are a sportsperson. Therefore, finding the right color lens for your sporting activities can help filter all obtrusive colors, and you will stand out from the crowd. Here are some options to consider:

  • If you play golf, yellow, brown, or amber are ideal for general games. But rose and red are best for the putting green. If you are into tennis, then the yellow, grey, and brown lens are the best. 
  • For baseball players, green, amber, or brown lens work well.
  • For skiing enthusiasts, orange, yellow, or amber are recommended. However, you may consider rose-colored lenses as they are ideal for low-light conditions. 
  • If you enjoy running, go for yellow, brown, or rose lens. However, you can use neutral colors as well. 

4. Seek Professional Assistance 

If you’re not sure which sunglass lens color to choose, or if have an eye condition, you should not go buying any sunglasses blindly. For better results and visibility, you should consult with your doctor or optician. Ask them to recommend the right lens color depending on your activities . Upon consultation, the optician will advise colors that best fits your needs without straining your eyes.

So with this mind, you are now ready to choose the right lens color and make an informed decision. Why not check out, who have an excellent range of glasses available.



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