How to Choose the Perfect Lift Kit

Owning a truck is a wonderful thing, and not just because of the many off-roading adventures it can offer. Truck ownership is also fun because of all of the great accessories drivers can purchase. All kinds of aftermarket items exist to help improve a truck’s performance. One of the best accessories, however, is a lift kit. However, for those new to buying lift kits, all of the different choices can feel a little overwhelming. But, don’t panic. With a little research and some careful shopping, it’s easy to choose just the right lift kit to meet every driver’s needs.

Why Do You Want To Lift Your Truck?

In order to choose just the right lift kit, drivers first have to know why they wish to lift their trucks in the first place. Some people buy lift kits just to accommodate the tires they really want, for example. In this case, they’d need to look for lift kits that are compatible with the specific tires they have in mind. Others purchase lift kits to accommodate their off-roading adventures or for better trail performance. Then, there are people who want easier towing capability. No matter the reason one wishes to lift a truck, it’s important to be clear on that reason and then to shop for a lift kit with that in mind. Many kits are focused toward specific needs.

Consider Cost with Care

When looking for a lift kit, many drivers are very concerned about cost. That’s understandable, especially since buying a new truck can already be a major expense in and of itself. However, bear in mind that you don’t want to go too cheap when purchasing a lift kit.

Often, buying the cheapest lift kit on the market leads to poor performance and can actually have the opposite effect the buyer desired. Instead of improving a truck’s capabilities, the wrong lift kit can actually make them worse. In some cases, poor quality lift kits could even lead to an increased risk of damage to the vehicle, which in turn could lead to costly repairs.

Thus, while it’s not wrong to shop around and look for an excellent deal, consider quality as well as price when shopping. Ultimately, the two have to work together to provide drivers with an actual bargain, instead of just disappointment disguised as a deal.

Know That Not Every Lift Kit Offers Big Changes

Drivers tend to think that using any lift kit will result in a major change to their vehicles. However, this is not always the case. In fact, with the most basic kits, which retain the vehicle’s original shocks, the change is usually quite minimal. There is nothing wrong with that, if a small change is what the driver is going for. However, many truck owners find themselves disappointed with the small change the most basic kits offer. For that reason, it’s best to understand all the different types of lift kits and the level and type of change they offer before making a purchase.

Recreational Suspension Kits

What about those drivers who have diverse reasons for lifting their trucks, or who just want something better than the standard suspension their trucks came with? In this case, a recreational suspension kit may be the best option. These kits are designed to make it easier to safely and smoothly ride on even the toughest terrain. They’re a great “middle of the road” option for those drivers who know they want to lift their trucks but who are mainly just seeking better general performance.

Off-Roading Kits

For those truck owners who wish to engage in some serious off-roading, a specialized off-roading lift kit is highly recommended. These kits can offer a major change to any vehicle and can actually vary in terms of intensity and how much lift they offer. Some lift kits can even provide up to as much as 3.5 inches of lift. Obviously, as one can imagine, this can entail a major change to a vehicle, and not all trucks are equipped to handle this degree of change. Thus, drivers are encouraged to seek out professional guidance, or to at least do some real research, before choosing an off-roading lift kit. Professional installation is also recommended since errors in installation could potentially negatively impact the vehicle’s integrity.

Body Lift Kits

Some drivers don’t really want an overall change to their vehicles. Instead, they just want to be able to add larger tires. Of course, this change does cause some changes to the vehicle and its handling, but for many, that’s not the main goal. For those who just want their vehicles to be able to handle bigger tires, a body lift kit is a good option. However, it’s important to have specific tires in mind beforehand, to ensure they are compatible with the vehicle, and then to buy a lift kit that is specifically designed to work with those tires.

Make and Model Lift Kits

Finally, no matter what type of lift kits buyers are interested in, realize that there are actually lift kits designed for certain types of vehicles. You can easily find, for example, Jeep lift kits, Dodge lift kits, Ford lift kits, Ram lift kits, and more. Ideally, you should choose a lift kit specifically designed for your vehicle, instead of one that is compatible with a wide range of vehicles. This will ensure the best connection, the easiest installation, and is likely to lead to a more positive experience overall.

There are lots of different lift kits on the market today. And, having so many choices is a positive thing since it allows buyers to find great lift kits for their vehicles, their purposes, and their budgets. However, no one should go into buying a lift kit blindly. Properly researching different options, knowing one’s exact needs and goals, and then choosing a lift kit that can satisfy on all of these counts is the best course of action to take for a positive experience.



Ashley Macdonald
Ashley has recently joined the FeedsPortal content writing team and brings with her a wealth of journalistic experience, which we believe our readers will find extremely useful.

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