How to Choose the Best Wood Chipper

how to select the right wood chipper

It is always a great idea to take advantage of the natural resources around us. When looking after our outdoor spaces, it is increasingly important to make full use of the organic waste we have. For example, rather than burning wood, it could be a good idea to use a commercial wood chipper to process all the branches and wood you have lying around to create wood chip mulch. This could then be added to your compost pile, or could even be sold if you are able to produce large quantities. By doing this, you will reduce the need to burn your wood, which will help the environment. It’s a win win situation!

So, if you are interested in purchasing a commercial wood chipper, and if you are not sure where to turn to for advice, we are here to help…

Wood chippers are generally easy to use, and the job is completed quickly once you get going, but what should you consider when buying a wood chipper?

In the market, there are two main categories of commercial wood chippers. The categorization has been done based on the source of power.

You will find both electric and gas-powered wood chippers for sale. Please note that these models have different features, so you have to ensure that the wood chipper you are buying has been designed for the requirements you need.

Electric Powered Wood Chippers

If you need a portable wood chipper, an electric wood chipper will be the ideal choice for you. It’s more compact, because there is no need for a bulky gas engine. The electric wood chipper is more environmentally friendly, because no fumes are generated while it is being used.

The electric wood chipper works by loading the stakes into the chipper hopper, before the wood is chipped into smaller bits. These bits are then collected into a holding can below. However, you can only chip smaller wood stakes with this equipment, because of its compact size.

Gas Powered Wood Chipper

A gas powered chipper is larger, because it features an engine that supplies the power. The chipper can also be used for wood stakes as large as seven inches.

Gas powered chippers usually have sturdy tyres and a handle, which allows you to move the equipment from one location to another. However, the larger models come with fittings that allow you to tow the wood chipper with a heavy-duty vehicle, such as a tractor.

Other features to consider when buying a commercial wood chipper are as follows…

Automated Operation

A wood chipper that automatically loads the hopper is more convenient for those with large amounts of wood to process. You won’t need to go through the stress of lifting wood into the machine when the process is automated.

Size of Chipper Blades

It is best if you buy a commercial wood chipper that is most suitable for the size of wood you will be chipping. Therefore, make sure you take a look at the size of the chipper blades, and make sure they are fit for purpose.

Wood Chippers with Shredders

Some wood chippers have shredders. This feature is great if there are leaves on the tree branches that you need to chip. The shredder cuts up the leaves, while the wood is chopped into small bits.

We hope this advice will prove helpful when you are looking to purchase a commercial wood chipper. Do you have other advice that would help? If so, comment below!



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