How to Choose the Best LED Lights to Save Energy

LED light

You will be amazed at how much money you can save when you make the switch to LED light bulbs. The innovative design of LED light bulbs integrates features that lower the amount of energy consumed.

In addition to the energy saving features of LED light bulbs, you will also get excellent illumination for homes or commercial places, just like your existing lightbulbs.

In homes, regular LED light bulbs are perfect. However, you will need to install larger high bay lights in other commercial areas or larger spaces such as shopping malls, indoor sports areas, and other similar places with high ceilings. Pendant lights may also be an option.

For you to enjoy the significant cost savings with these light bulbs, you should follow these tips when making a purchase…

Find and Read Testimonials From Current Users

LED light bulb brands encourage their customers to write about their experiences with their products. The information published by customers is invaluable.

You can read the reviews for different LED light bulb brands to know if users are happy with the bulbs. LED light bulb brands that have many positive testimonials are usually an indication that the brand is good.

Check the Illumination Rating of the LED Light Bulb

You shouldn’t just buy any LED light bulb brand off the shelf. It is best if you confirm that the light bulb can generate the illumination intensity you need in your home or office.

You can determine the illumination capacity of an LED light bulb by checking its lumens rating. The rating is indicated on the packaging of the LED light bulb you want to buy.

The lumens rating determines the brightness of the bulb when it is connected to power, and is usually within the range of 45-2600.

What LED Color Would You Like?

The LED light bulbs you can find in the market have different colour shades available. You can find white, yellow or blue, aswell as many other shades. What you should look for on the packaging is the Kelvin number, which indicates the warmth of the LED light bulb color. The Kelvin rating for a Yellow LED light bulb is 2800K, White light falls within 3500K – 4100K, and the blue shade is generated by light bulbs with a Kelvin rating between 5000K and 6500K.

Buy LED Bulbs with Longer Burn Hours

The best LED lights for home have extremely long burn hours. This means that you will get more value for your money. The LED light bulb brand you buy should have a burn hour capacity of 25,000 hours.

Finally, if you find different LED light bulb brands that meet all the criteria above, you should make a choice by comparing price.

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