How to Choose the Best ID Card Printer?

best id card printer

Identity card printers are a big investment for a business however, they are amazingly cost-effective and useful in the long run. Investing in an ID card printer, which can be used for business cards too, means investing in your company’s safety and future, which is pretty much invaluable. Security is a huge priority in our modern world, so by backing your business’ safety, you’re immediately making it a better and more facilitating place to work or just enjoy. Whether you run a pub, club, leisure centre, company, office or health centre, having identity cards at your fingertips at all times is going to elevate how your environment operates.  Here’s exactly how to go about finding an identity card printer that works for you and your business…

Determine Your Budget

It is essential that before you do anything else, you finalise your budget. As stated above, identity card printers are a pretty hefty cost and they tend to vary quite a bit in price. So, your budget makes a pretty big difference to the features, volume and speed that your printer might have. This means it is vital to know how much money you have to work with, the budget will streamline your whole search.

Consider the Size of Your Business

You need to consider the requirements of your business, and the demand for ID cards can generally be determined by looking at the nature of your workforce. If you have a large, ever-expanding staff, you’re going to need a printer that can accommodate for vast numbers of different cards being printed rather often. Due to the frequent use, you will absolutely see the ultimate value of your investment. For smaller workforces, consider the turnover rate or likelihood of expansion down the line, this will tell you what grade of ID printer you need. Printers vary from small, medium, large and even industrial, in size and in capability, so knowing your needs is definitely vital to making the right decision.

Think About the Identity Cards You’d Like to Create

Identity cards can be made with a multitude of different features, which can be simple or highly sophisticated. Consider whether you might need double-sided printing, lamination or magnetic strips as a starting point. Then, there are some features which are more high tech and need a specific printer to do the job – this includes embossing, encryption, unique holographic detailing and micro text. If any of these sound like something you’d like to have in order to up the security of your ID cards, you need to keep them in mind when you’re shopping for your printer.

Look at Your Physical Space

Remember that printers take up quite a bit of space, so make sure that you have the room in your office for one! This is all too often forgotten and becomes a huge issue when you actually get the printer in your workplace – so check first! Where it is positioned is also important, you need your printer to be away from harsh chemicals or weather elements to keep in the best condition possible.

Upskill Staff or Tap Into Your Resources

Another important factor to keep in mind is that someone is going to have to be creating and printing your identity cards. This shouldn’t be a problem if you already have someone on your team who is skilled in graphic design, photography and printer systems, you’ll just have to make sure they undergo an up-skilling session to ensure that they can operate your ID printing software.

Follow these tips and you can be sure that you’ll find the perfect ID printer for you and your workplace! Zebra printers (see here) are some of the best on the market, so get shopping and researching to get started.

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