How to Choose Children’s Clothes

Choose Children’s Clothes

Choosing right children’s clothes is good for children. However, there are still some clothing designs, and the use of materials may be a potential threat to children.

  1. Check instructions for use (identification). It would be better not to buy products without instructions or with incomplete information. The instructions for use (identification) shall include the name and address of the manufacturer, product name, product type or specification, fiber composition and content, maintenance methods, implemented product standards, safety categories, precautions for use and storage, quality levels, and conformity proof etc.
  • Focus on ingredients and styles. When choosing children’s clothing, priority should be given to soft, breathable fabrics, such as cotton, silk, etc .; try to choose loose clothing to facilitate movement, while checking the product for obvious defects.
  • Check the straps and accessories. When choosing children’s clothing, products with straps on the head and neck should be avoided, and the shoulder straps should be fixed, continuous, and have no free ends. At the same time, please note that there should be no straps on the back except for the waist belt. Accessories such as zippers and buttons in children’s clothing can be touched to confirm whether these accessories are dangerous, such as whether there is pressure, sharp edges, or stinging or itching. For these item, manufacturers must ensure their products may meet test standards. Some of them may also have their own Testing Lab for R&D, quality improvement and other purposes.
  • Note that the newly purchased children’s clothing should be rinsed thoroughly with water before use, so that the harmful substances that may be left on the fabric can be fully released; meanwhile, the daily washing and maintenance should be performed according to the maintenance instructions in the tag or the washing water.

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