How to Choose a Reliable Office Supply Vendor

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Employees sometimes take office supplies for granted, maybe because it is a part of their everyday activities, and the different items are always available.

Annually, an enterprise will consume hundreds of pens, notebooks, markers, staples, paper clips, printer cartridges, copier toners, paper cutters, and an assortment of stationery. Everyone in the office knows that office supplies are essential items that support their work.

These items constitute a large part of an organisation’s expenses, regardless of its size. Additional costs come from kitchen supplies, as well as cleaning and janitorial supplies. Aside from the consumables, the company invests in computers, printers, paper punchers, scissors, and other office equipment. Moreover, the company spends a sizeable amount on office furniture. All of them are office supplies.

What is ironic is that smaller firms spend higher per employee on furniture, tech equipment, computer consumables, and office supplies.

Given this fact, it is vital to choose a reliable vendor from the many office suppliers you can find online and offline. Finding the right one will effectively reduce the amount you will spend on the equipment, furniture, and supplies for your office.

Advantages of Selecting the Right Office Supplier

When you choose the right office supply vendor, your company will save money on office equipment, furniture, and essential supplies and stationery. You can rely on the vendor to have the available quantity when you need them. Likewise, you can be sure that the special products you need will be available.

How Do You Choose the Right Office Supply Vendor?

Research is essential because you need to find a reliable vendor at the right price. You need to know more about each vendor you choose, and finally pick the most suitable office supply vendor for your company. Here are the characteristics you need to consider.


Choose a vendor who is dependable and trustworthy. The term could mean several things: accepting rush orders, guaranteed delivery, locating special products for you, or offering a full range of products.

Product Selection and Stock

Organisations require different types of office and stationery supplies. Know what items the office supply vendor carries if they have generic and branded products and other things that your company needs.


Prices typically vary between vendors, even if they carry the same products. Be sure to compare prices to find the most cost-effective vendor. Check if quotes they give you are the correct ones. Determine if you are really getting a discount or if the discount they gave you is based on a higher price. Likewise, you should know if they have minimum order requirements and bulk discounts. 

Order Process

Confirm how long they need to process orders before delivery. Another thing you have to determine is how they accept orders. Do you have to do it online, give them a call, send the order by email or fax.


The location of your office may affect delivery. It is better to choose a vendor who is closer to your office. This is advantageous because it means that you can get your supplies delivered when you have a rush order. You should also check if they charge a fee for rush deliveries.

Before making the decision, ask the vendors for a quote to determine who can offer the best prices for similar items. Other things to check include invoicing and payment methods, exchange/return policy, after-sales service, and willingness to work with you.

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