How to Build a Stronger Team using Escape Rooms

escape rooms

Building great teams isn’t easy. You need to be thoughtful and patient when creating workplace efficiency ( You have to understand your teammates abilities, skills, personalities and organizational methods before being able to apply these tricks to your own team. Escape rooms are a new trend that can assist in this goal. They are trendy and a powerful way to enable teamwork.

What is an escape room (more info)? Escape rooms are puzzle solving, high pressure games that allow for teamwork and roleplay. These games require efficient teamwork skills. Escape room are interesting in themselves and also a great resource for team building. There are a few tactics we’ll talk about today that can make the escape room experience much more enjoyable.

Create a Link Between the Work Environment and the Game Setting

The goal of an escape room, or any team outings, should be to create a space for further understanding a team’s energy and abilities in a different way. Escape rooms can operate under the function of a work function and be better for it. These games let people engage in problem solving exercises. These problems can connect back to the activities they do at work together. This will benefit the team greatly.

Make Sure You Find the Most Suitable Escape Room

Be sure to really research your escape room options. There is no harm in taking time for this step, as the results can vary greatly and you should keep your team in mind. There are ones catered towards tourists and others focused on team building. Team building escape rooms (such as this) are unique because they are focused on teamwork, experimentation, and group think puzzles. They also create a fun, interesting environment for employees to engage with one another.

Gauge the Players Motivations

Before setting up an escape room, reach out to players and understand their motivations in the workplace. You can have them answer any question that you’d like, from workplace methods to goals. Even upcoming projects or future plans for their own careers.

Schedule the Game Inclusively

Be sure to publicize events you are hosting to your office. Events are much more fun when everyone is involved, aware, and ready to participate. Ask office members when they are free and be sure to cater to as many peoples’ schedules as you can, in order to make the event as welcoming as possible. This will give your employees a chance to brace themselves for the upcoming event and get excited. A scheduled plan proves to be a significant approach as the employees will understand that you respect their efforts and you want them to work as a team and stay united, even if it’s about playing games.

Listen to Your Employees Suggestions

Be sure to listen to employees’ ideas and suggestions for team activities and habits that can be developed. Taking suggestions creates a sense of inclusivity for team members and enables individuals to voice their opinions to the group. You can ask them to discuss past escape room experiences and what they liked or disliked.

Where to Go from Here

Now you know the ins and outs of creating an escape room experience for your team. The best way to create a stronger team in the workplace is by creating opportunities for bonding and skill building. The best way to create a better team is to continually follow up on the lessons learned as a  unit. The most successful teams are the ones that work, play, and learn cohesively as a unit. An escape room is a great way to create better, stronger teams, which will then go on to create stronger companies.

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