How to Build a Brand Strategy

composing a business strategy

Building a brand is a fundamental aspect of business development. The right brand strategy will increase consumer awareness and give the business identity and value. Therefore, if you are thinking of creating a business brand, know that building a brand takes time and money – it is not a one-time process. In this article, you will learn how to create a winning brand strategy in simple steps.

When building a brand strategy, you need to identify three key components of your business, namely:

  • Purpose: Know why you are in business and the needs of your target customers.
  • Consistency: Know what enables you to offer your products/services every day.
  • Emotional Impact: This is what forms a connection or bond between the business and your clients. A winning brand strategy should incorporate emotional impact and build on it.

Besides defining these core components of your business, it is important to know your target audience and business competitors. It is also imperative to narrow down on products and services you will be offering, and establish a unique selling strategy.

Once you identify your business’s key components and the basis of your marketing plan, crafting your brand strategy becomes easy. The ideal brand strategy gives your business a unique identity and differentiates you from competitors. The following steps will help you create a winning brand strategy…

1. Define Your Brand

This is a critical step because it establishes what your business stands for, according to Before you define your brand, have a list of its core values and strengths. Know what is critical for your brand (business values). Your brand values should show that you care about your clients’ environmental, economic, and social well-being. You may not know the impact of these values on your brand building until you analyze them objectively.

2. Distinguish and Position Your Business Brand

Before building your brand, know what makes your business unique, so you can outshine the competition. To distinguish your brand, create a unique benefit in the mind of clients. Once you have a distinctive value concept, make use of a winning branding strategy to set your business in such a way that it helps clients appreciate the value of your business over your competitors.

3. Build and Expose Your Brand

Building a winning brand takes time and consistency. As a business, you need to keep reinforcing your values and engaging in activities that will give your business more exposure, for instance, supporting local teams, engaging in environmental conservation, and much more. Alternatively, make good use of promotional channels such as forums, blogs, and social media to create a voice for your business brand.

When building your business brand, develop a brand personality – this is what clients know, think, and say about your brand. This is what motivates customers to identify with and engage with your business brand. If you execute your brand strategy consistently, you will effortlessly establish a unique customer base that will forever associate with your brand name.  

4. Personalize Your Brand

For your brand building strategy to be successful, you have to personalize it. Give your brand identity. Let clients experience the personality of your business brand in its entirety. Make your brand look like something your clients would want to identify with, much like they do with their favorite cars.

As you push your brand, be sure to invite customers to be co-authors of brand values to feel part of the brand. In a nutshell, when you personalize your business brand, you give clients reasons to participate and associate with your brand permanently, which is good for business.

5. Review Your Brand

Like anything else, your brand is not static – it will evolve. Depending on your strategies, your brand can fail, grow, or remain dormant. New events and economic times will challenge your business and hence the need to keep reviewing your brand strategies. Always take charge of your brand and keep reviewing strategies to keep up with the market dynamics. Keep building your brand and remain true to your clients.

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