How to Boost Your Interior Design with Ceiling Lights

How to Boost Your Interior Design with Ceiling Lights

Choosing the right option for indoor lighting is a task that requires energy and focus. However, selecting the most suitable design ceiling lamps might be of great help to boost your interior design.

Illuminating an indoor space is a real mission. You need to pay attention to every detail, both on a technical and aesthetical point of view. Quite often the results are below our expectations, especially when we did everything by ourselves for the first time. But once you realized you made a mistake, it’s usually too late. Indoor lighting is one of the focal points of home design. It can make living in that house much more pleasurable and convenient, while at the same time giving the right style to each room.

A beautiful chandelier on the wrong place makes the whole investment quite useless and, more importantly, it can ruin the lighting of that room. The same goes with energy consumption levels, which often require house owners to readjust indoor spaces to make the most out of natural light. That is why most people rely on well-known designers and leading companies for their indoor chandelier lights. But what about if you have to allocate your budget on finding the right furniture and other parts of restyling so that you can’t afford to spend millions on just lights? Well, there’s a remedy to all of this. 

In this article we will discuss all that you need to know about indoor lighting, trying to give you the right suggestions for a perfect indoor lighting mix.

How Important is Lighting for Indoor Design?

When we talk about “interior design”, the first thing that comes to our mind is “décor”, meaning the furniture, objects, and other decorations that play such an essential role in our homes. Starting from these premises, here comes a question we need to ask ourselves: from where should we start when designing our home? Oh, and you must avoid these mistakes –

A common mistake is to choose the furniture and decorations first, and only then think about lighting. That’s a huge mistake, considering that lighting can define the whole style of your home décor. Here are some tips to follow.

By designing your home with lighting in mind, you will ensure to create the right atmosphere for each room and to enhance every single component of your décor. It designs the personality of your home and modifies the attitude of each room. 

Where to Start When Designing Your Home with Indoor Lights?

First of all, we need to consider the different types of lighting options available: natural, direct, and indirect. The first type is also the most important. It is the solar light that enters our home through the window frames and other glass panels in the house. We highly advise you to use this resource to its fullest, especially where the hours of natural light are not that many.

Then there’s the direct source of artificial lighting: foyers, corridors, hallways, and all those rooms that usually are quite small and can’t receive natural light from outside. The best lighting option here are spotlights, even the ones to be spackled into plasterboard walls.


Your dining room and living room are the most used places in your home for leisure, music, reading, and watching TV. But they’re also important as a place for meals. So the lighting of these rooms should vary according to the task you are supposed to complete, and it is also essential to arrange different switches.

Reading areas should be illuminated with direct lighting, which should be directed towards our reading station. All the surrounding areas should have indirect artificial lighting. A great solution might be a floor lamp and scattered light coming from wall lamps. You can also enhance your room decorations and other objects – like bookshelves, stairs, etc. – with LED strings. This will create a much warmer and more welcoming atmosphere for your reading time.

Except for any lights below your kitchen cabinets, remember that the inducing hob needs to have its own lighting. If there’s enough space in your kitchen, an excellent effect can be created with the installation of a false ceiling, where you can place cashed spotlights or LED strings. This final touch will create a much more pleasant and elegant atmosphere. You can opt for a chandelier for the lighting on top of your table, better if we’re talking about adjustable chandelier lights.

Light in the bathroom plays a fundamental role. You should rely on scattered lighting, even if you needed to add other less powerful lights near the bathtub and shower. Bright and intense lights should circle the mirror.

Finally, bedrooms are where you can not only rest but even just chill out. Here the leading source of lighting should come from either a chandelier or a wall light to create a mix between a main light and other scattered lights coming from bedside tables. You can eventually use this type of light for your reading time. Even in this room, you can play with LED lights to enhance the headboard of your bed and to illuminate the inside of your closets.

Where to Find the Best Indoor Lights?

Interior design takes time to be implemented, but you don’t need to waste all of your energies in finding the best indoor lights online. We can recommend you rely on Showsun Lighting, a large-scale engineering factory specialized in custom lighting. They can make all the indoor lights you want based on your preferred design. You just need to contact them to send them your idea and you can bring home the best chandelier lights in record time. Here are some examples –

So, we can design our home with beautiful pieces of furniture, but we can do the same with lighting. Designing with light is not just a trick, since it can also highlight the best parts of your house. The way we illuminate our indoor areas is essential to provide us with pleasurable home life, for enjoying our time in each room, and for boosting our mood.

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