How to Become a Safer Driver

The idea of being in sole control of a moving vehicle is rather daunting. If you are a learner driver who is angsty about the concept of being out on the big busy roads, I may have the solution you need to get over your anxiety.

Designed with this in mind, The Safer Drivers course will make you more comfortable off the road, so you respond to any unexpected challenge better when you are on it.

What is The Safer Drivers Course

If you are a learner driver who wants to learn ways of becoming

  • safe on the road,
  • reduce risks and
  • anticipate hazardous situations by making informed decisions; this is the course for you.

Classes are held both in-class and via car coaching sessions. The course will help you remain safe on the road long after you are a licensed driver, and you are guaranteed to have fun with interactive and engaging activities. Once completed, you will leave feeling informed and with the necessary skill to be a safe and conscientious driver.

Benefits of attending the Safer Driving Course

The Safer Drivers Course will offer a better comprehension of safety measures while achieving the P-plate driver license. According to statistics, learner drivers are more cautious than seasoned drivers and are less hazardous too.

It does not mean that you are less skilled as a learner driver than a P-plate learner; it means that you may face more challenges. On completion of The Safer Drivers Course, you will have the skill to meet these challenges with more resilience and confidence.

Other benefits of completing the course include:

  • 20 logbook hours
  • You get the skill to notice hazards on the road
  • Reducing crash risk
  • Understanding safety precautions in accordance with P-plate license regulations
  • Knowledge of low-risk driving techniques

What does it cost?

While peace of mind is priceless, this course will cost you a mere $7 per logbook hour. That’s $140 in total. The cost is subsidised by Transport NSW, which is even more reason for you to do it. You will need to make payment before starting the course.

How much of my time is needed to complete the course?

Another priceless concept is time. Invest your time; you will not regret it. The time you invest in the course will result in the confidence you need to be a safe driver.

The course will require 5 hours of your time. Three of which are theory-based in the first Module, and the remaining two are practical lessons on the road, which make up the second Module.

What are the requirements to complete the course?

  1. An NSW learners license. Other state licenses will not be accepted.
  2. Hours must be actual driving hours and not 3 for 1 bonus hours.
  3. The Transport for NSW requirement is that all students should be under 25 to attend the course.

Do I really need to attend this course?

Yes! You do.

This course will present you with the possible challenges that newly licensed drivers may face.

You will acquire skills to better deal with:

  • distractions
  • outside influences
  • importance of pre-empting possible challenges

Now that you have all the reasons to complete the course go ahead and book your spot.


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