How To Be An Rv Nomad And Live Life On The Road!

How To Be An Rv Nomad

You’ve probably already heard of digital nomads and how they are location independent. Usually, when you look at their Instagram page they are in places like Bali or Thailand.

What if you really like the comfort and lack of language problems of staying in the US? The answer is probably by being an RV nomad. You get all the perks of being location independent with even more benefits. For instance, no need to travel light and you are always home no matter where you go!

Why deal with seedy hostels when you can take your apartment with you?

In this article, I will go over several ways to be a digital nomad bu in an RV.

Follow the Sun

Since you have many different climates in the US, you can time your travel to always be warm.

In the winter, think about Arizona and enjoy the warmth without it being too hot. Though, be careful on the road in Phoenix with your RV as they are not great drivers! Just ask personal injury attorney from Phoenix, Lamber Goodnow!

You can tool around the South all winter and then gradually head North as the weather starts to warm.

Find Some Gigs

It can get expensive living full time in an RV without an income. Of course, in many cases it is much cheaper than living in a house or apartment.

Either way, you are going to need an income. If you aren’t already working online it is time to figure out how to make it happen.

Luckily, there are tons of ways to work online. You already have some skills that are transferable to online work even if you don’t realize it.

If you have some background in video or photography, then look for some editing gigs online. A background in law, accounting or finance can have you working in a consultant role very easily. And if your English is good then being a freelance writer will always keep you working.

Just search for whatever your strength is and you’ll find jobs in that area. Just be prepared to start out making an insulting low rate. As you gain experience, you will start making more money.

Research Your Next Stop Ahead of Time

If you plan to work while on the road then obviously you’re going to need a good internet connection.

Always check out the RV site you plan to hit next and find out what their internet situation is like.

Some places have fast internet that is free, while others will charge you a daily rate.

Find a Balance

It wouldn’t be much of an adventure if you roll into a beautiful area but are working so much you can’t enjoy it. Finding a work/life balance as a freelancer is very difficult. It’s hard to say no to gigs as you never know when the work will slow down. But, try to organize your schedule so you can get out and actually experience the places you find.

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