How To Accept Donations Online?

For a non profit organization, one of the biggest concerns and challenges is to provide a safe payment system to the users in order to accept donations. Donations are important to run any non profit organization no matter what cause is being served by it. However, it’s not as easy as it sounds because there’s a lot one has to work on the promotion of the cause and on asking people to donate for the cause. 

Where all of this is already very hectic, you should take measures and at least make sure that your payment system is easy on both you and those who want to donate money to your organization. 

The good news is that right now, there’s no just one but several different online platforms that are accepting donations online. It’s all about your research and the amount of effort that you are willing to put in to find an easy and efficient payment service provider. 

All You Need To Know About Payment Service Providers 

A payment service provider is basically a credit card processor but at the same time, these companies do accept and support online donations and charities. Some of the biggest service providers as of now are PayPal, Square and Stripe. You’ve probably already heard of these names but what you don’t know is that each payment processor is different and not all will suit you. This is why it’s important to know the details of these payment service providers before you start using them. 


If you want to set up an online shop, Square should be your top priority because it’s so far the most used and the best payment systems. Especially for your non profit organization, you need something that’s cheaper and less hassle. Well, that’s what you get with Square! The rates for non profit organizations are the same as they are for other online stores, but what’s good is that there’s no additional fee required for the PCI compliance. There’s no contract, cancellation fee involved, and things are pretty easy. 


PayPal has taken the market by storm since the day it got launched. For a non profit business, PayPal has a lot to offer. For example, from adding a top button on your website for people to make donations to using different development tools to make the transactions simple and easier, you can have it all with PayPal. Speaking of which, if you want to accept online donations in an organized way then we’d recommend you to try Donorbox. This software will attract more recurring donors, and that’s what you want for your non profit organization. 


Last but not the least, you can opt for Stripe if you want an end to end customization for your non profit organization. It’s true that Stripe is not as famous as Square and PayPal, but the services and features offered are just what you need to accept online donations. What makes Stripe better from the other two service providers is that you won’t have to worry about the processor’s payment brand on the button that you put on different web pages. You can create your own message on the buttons as Stripe is a white label option. 


This is all that you need to know about accepting donations online. We’ve mentioned all of the best ways you can opt for. Most importantly, do check the Donorbox software as it can prove to be extremely useful for your cause. Ongoing engagement is imperative for fundraising, and you have to pay equal attention to it, as much as you are paying to using the best payment system provider.  

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