How This Unique Himalayan Salt Lamp Dome Detoxifier Works for You

How This Unique Himalayan Salt Lamp Dome Detoxifier Works for You

When it comes to interior décor, there are a host of items that can be used to achieve a unique style or class in our homes and even offices. Amongst the lot, one that in recent times seems to stand out now is the natural salt lamps. These are decorative lights that can be used in our homes and offices to beautify the room. But that’s not the only reason why it’s in demand, these Himalayan salt lamps are believed to have certain health benefits, a few of which are that it detoxifies the air helps with sleep helps those who have respiratory problems, etc.

When it comes to things that are in high demand, it is now news that there would be a lot of duplicates in the market, some of which may be quite harmful instead of beneficial to the body. That being said, Real Himalayan Salt Lampcan only be found in Khewra mines, Pakistan. Any other location in which the salt lamp is gotten from is most likely not real.

Finding a Real Himalayan Salt Lamp

Real Himalayan Salt Lamp

Now with the increase in demand for this Natural Salt Lamp (more info here), it is can be tricky and a bit challenging to get the real one as there are now so many manufacturers of Himalayan salt lamps. Many of which are claiming are the real ones, and of course, no marketer of the product will accept that he or she is selling the fake, all they are interested in is making money. In order to not fall a victim and end up purchasing a fake, here are a few things to look out for;

  • If it is from Pakistan: This particular one is very important, because the Real Himalayan Salt is only gotten in the mines of Khewra, Pakistan. If it is not from there, chances are that it is fake. Endeavor to verify the origin of the salt irrespective of where it was assembled, if you can authenticate that it was gotten from Pakistan then you can buy it.
  • Doesn’t shine so bright: the Himalayan salt is not one that shines out so bright, it can’t be used for reading or to light up a dark place. The real Himalayan salt lamp has a dim like the glow that is very soothing.
  • Very Fragile: it is so fragile that it can be easily chipped if not carefully held or kept. This is not to say that before you purchase the product you should toss it to see if it breaks easily, but by feeling its texture it should be easy to tell.
  • Must be sweaty: Real Himalayan salt lamps are hygroscopic (check the definition – in nature because they attract water molecules. These molecules would combine with the heat from the lamp and releases these molecules into the air, during this process tiny beads of water are formed on the lamp. If this isn’t the case then that salt lamp is fake

The Himalayan Salt Dome Detox Lamp

The Himalayan Salt Dome Detox Lamp

This is a unique piece of art where the feet and hand can be rubbed on the dome while the lamp is warm. This lamp is seen to take effect when it is warmed by the bulb which causes the release of negative ions that help in purifying the air and the skin as well.

Effects of the Himalayan Salt Lamp Detoxifier

  1. It is a source of many significant nutrients that are beneficial to the health and can easily be absorbed through the skin.
  2. As the feet or hands are placed on it, the moisture on the salt helps soften and exfoliates the skin.
  3. As thisNatural Salt Lamp is heated up, it causes the feet and hand to sweat making room for the salt to perform purification. During this process, toxins are taken out and replaced with minerals which further reduce unhealthy acidity.
  4. This natural salt lamps also used as a color therapy otherwise known as chromotherapy.

How to Use the Himalayan Salt Dome Lamp to Detox the Home and Body

We are already aware of the beauty refreshing ambiance that Real Himalayan Salt Lamps add to any space or environment it is placed. Below are a few ways in which the product can be used to detoxify the home and the body as well, with thanks to

  • When doing manicure or pedicure, your foot or one hand can be placed on the Himalayan salt detox while the other is being taken care of. This would help in detoxifying the body and improve blood circulation
  • Can be used as a salt therapy, which is a natural therapy that has been in practice for a very long time, using the Himalayan salt lamp as a salt therapy will help in promoting better breathing, healthy skin and equally help alleviate symptoms of respiratory problems like, asthma or bronchitis
  • Having salt lamps in our homes and especially where we spend a lot of time would help in neutralizing electromagnetic smog by releasing negative ions in the air, this is necessary because we are mostly exposed to a lot of positive ions emanated from electronic devices.

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