How This Company is Being Dubbed As the Netflix of Cinema?

The post-covid era has not only changed the way we interact, but it has also left lasting effects on the way we go on about our entertainment.

It was the time when many streaming services, teleconferencing, telecommuting, distance education, and social relations received a massive boost in their revenue since they offered a safe yet personable way to interact with one another.

The same can be said about the way we enjoy cinema. With lockdowns and social distancing becoming the norm, it was about time that someone rose to the occasion and did something about it.

And amidst this frenzy, a company named Book The Cinema rose to the occasion and disrupted the way we consume cinema.

Think of it as a way for everyone to get together and consume their favorite movie or show. Being dubbed as the Netflix of Cinema, Book the Cinema offers a personalized VIP movie watching experience, where only specific people who are invited by the host can come.

They offer “rent a cinema experience” units that allow people to book a cinema hall for their guests and choose a movie to play of their choice.

An elite and galvanized movie-watching experience on a rented movie hall, where all the known people are inside and enjoying the movie together. 

This delivers a fully tailored experience for private cinema screening. Something truly remarkable and unheard of and is only disrupting the cinema industry. 

5 Ways Book The Cinema Makes A Difference

Book The Cinema follows 6 simple steps to bring an amazing cinema experience to you.

  1. Individuals can choose a cinema location.

You get to pick your own cinema location that’s nearby and convenient for you to travel to. They are establishing cinemas across the country so that customers don’t have to travel for hours to enjoy the personalized movie-watching experience.

  1. Huge library to choose from

The company gives customers all the liberty to choose a movie from their selection of latest releases or favorite classics. Think how watching a movie in a most comfortable and relaxed environment would feel like.

  1. Decide the number of guests

Customers can invite 2 guests to 100 guests per event. Cinemas can accommodate 100 guests at most at a given time.

  1. A tailored experience like never before

They grant customers the power to select the food menu for their occasion, and the company will arrange it for them.

  1. Completely personalized experience

Customers can create their own video that will be played before the movie. It could be anything that further personalizes the experience

Book the Cinema is here to disrupt the cinema industry by shifting power to its customers.

This disruption is going to topple the obsolete passive cinema movie-watching concept that has been around for ages. 

It’s like Netflix for movie lovers who love to watch movies in groups. 

Now you can watch your favorite movies in the cinema at a chosen time on your desired day with loved ones. 

To enjoy the personalized experience go to

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