How Reverse Phone Lookup Help in Fraud Detection


The past several years have seen an increase in the number of mobile phone manufacturers. As these companies engage in the battle to get as many customers as possible, buyers usually find themselves changing their phones every so often. Something that normally accompanies swapping of the phone is the process of re-entering personal details on various platforms and websites. You’ll notice that phone numbers have become very pivotal in data security since they are linked to numerous accounts; thus, they have become an additional data protection tool. Considering how the demand for information has significantly increased, it’s important for everyone to understand and learn ways in which they can handle their private information responsibly. 

In a world where fraud has become increasingly rampant, a lot of people are still unaware of how scammers use vishing to carry out their attacks. In most cases, fraudsters like to use unknown numbers to call and prey on their victims. That is why it’s not advisable to answer phone calls that look strange. Receiving such calls can expose you to potential danger which could result in identity theft or even unauthorized access to your social media handles. Thankfully, there are many ways in which people can identify their callers. Reverse Phone Lookup is one of the most effective methods that you can use to identify the person calling you. It’s a technique that lets you find the information of your callers through compiling data from various sources. You can visit to learn more about using Reverse Phone Lookup.  

Authentication Factors

Recently, many software companies have seen the need to include phone number confirmation in the multi-factor and 2-factor authentication (MFA and 2FA). Phone numbers have joined the list of other authentication methods including biometric methods as well as email prompts. This goes to show the importance of phone numbers in securing a person’s details. Furthermore, a study conducted by Google security statistics stated that 2-factor authentication is 100% efficient in blocking attacks that are automated while also preventing 66% of attacks that are targeted. In particular instances, phone numbers are solely used as the main authentication method which is commonly referred to as a single-factor authentication factor (SFA). 

The Security of Phone Numbers

Using phone numbers as a security protection method has its own advantages and disadvantages. Unlike email addresses, phone numbers aren’t easy to create which is a great attribute. However, there are many companies that have been established that can generate phone numbers. This makes it easy for scammers to acquire new pseudo contacts since it is a convenient method for them as opposed to acquiring one. Still, generated phone numbers have a limited digital footprint which restricts their use on social media platforms. Hence, authentic phone numbers from a telecommunication carrier have proven to be more stable and reliable than generated numbers.

On the downside, using a phone number as a 2FA security still present several loopholes; through phishing, many security experts have managed to uncover potential danger that could end up costing people valuable assets and information. Additionally, another risk that is associated with phone numbers is the danger of sim-swapping. Scammers have managed to achieve this through hacking and social engineering. They later contact the communication provided to request for a change of the phone number. This would give them access to all your data since they would be in possession of the new number.

Fraud Prevention Techniques Used by Reverse Phone Lookup sites

Reverse Phone Lookup platforms use the data associated with particular phone numbers to compile information. By using such platforms, you can validate whether the phone number you are probing is genuine, identify the country of the carrier, determine whether it’s a landline or mobile number, and identify the social media platforms link to it. 

When you receive a call that has an unknown number, there are several ways you can go about that situation. Given the fact that answering wouldn’t be an appropriate thing to do, you can let it proceed to voicemail. However, many scammers hardly leave a message as they prefer to interact with people which provides them with a higher chance of getting information. Other times, fraudsters choose to call their victims once. This usually leaves people with a lot of curiosity which makes them call back. This technique acts like a bait call that easily lures people into a trap. 

In all instances, communicating with a person whom you have no knowledge of wouldn’t be the appropriate thing to do. The best thing would be to use a reverse phone lookup to find more information about the caller. Most of these services are fast and can generate results in a short period, leaving you with enough time to make the appropriate decision. 

Additional Measures You Can Take to Avoid Spam Calls

A large percentage of spam calls originate from robocalls. As a matter of fact, robocalls have become more sophisticated and advanced, with their numbers appearing as real contacts. In 2019, it was estimated that there were 50 billion robocalls. Most of these calls targeted the tax return seasons, giving intimidating calls to innocent people threatening to arrest them if they don’t pay a particular outstanding tax. One effective way of combating spam call is listing your contact in the Do Not Call registry, which will exempt you from telemarketers and a good number of spam calls. Furthermore, you can also report any spam call number to the Federal Communication Commission which will conduct a thorough investigation concerning the matter. 

Final Thoughts

As technology keeps advancing, the world is also becoming more connected. New social media platforms are being set up, thus making people to give out more information. Data has become increasingly valuable; this means that people have to take adequate preventative measures to keep themselves safe from fraudsters. Reverse Phone Lookup is one of the safest ways of protecting oneself from scammers since they provide important information to people within a short period of time, thereby averting any potential danger that might have been larking.   



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