How Restaurants Can Bounce Back in the Post-COVID World Using QR codes

Due to the devastation brought by the COVID 19 pandemic, the global restaurant industry has been severely affected. According to statista, the year-over-year decline of seated diners in restaurants worldwide was a staggering 100 percent on May 11, 2020.

The cases of COVID 19 only continue to increase and showing no signs of abating anytime soon. Restaurants and other businesses are starting to formulate new long-term strategies to bounce back, continue serving their customers, and ultimately avoid a business shutdown. 

Even in the post-COVID world, there’s no guarantee that everything will go back to normal, particularly with how people will interact with each other. Strict measures will continue to be implemented as we are heading towards a ‘new normal society.’

In this article, we will talk about how QR codes will help restaurateurs and how to adapt them to your business and stay still on top of your game!

How to Make a QR code?

  • Select a QR Code generator online
  • Choose from the menu which QR code solution you need
  • Enter the necessary data in the box
  • Click “static” or “dynamic”
  • after that, click “Generate QR Code”
  • Customize the design of your QR code
  • hit the download button
  • After that, track your QR code data campaign

Why is it Important to Adapt QR Codes In Restaurants in Post-COVID 19?

Even if restaurants and dining rooms have reopened, general caution will remain and guests will still continue to practice social distancing. According to Datassential, 86% of consumers want to maintain distance from other diners,  suggesting that curtailing human interactions will still be preferable for the majority. And using QR codes is a tool to lessen that interaction and maintain the distance. 

QR codes are generated through a QR code generator online. This advanced technology gives a digital dimension to everything wherever it may be attached to. For example, you can generate a QR code embedded with a menu list and place it on your table menu. Customers can scan the QR code using their smartphones and place their orders. This helps restaurant owners present their food items in a digital form without touching anything! Now- that is just the surface of the information; you can use QR codes in so many ways for your restaurants to minimize human contact!

How to Use QR Codes Inside a Restaurant for Contactless Interaction in Post-COVID 19?

Contactless Ordering System

You can automate ordering for your customers through QR codes on the menu. Even after the post-COVID world, there’s no assurance that everything will go back to normal. Reopening guidelines will be observed, and social distancing will still occur in the middle. This is how the QR code will come into play- to connect us even when being physically disconnected

QR codes minimize physical interaction. Using only your smartphones, you can scan the QR code and access the food menu digitally, allowing their customers to order online without touching the menu that goes through multiple hand exchanges. QR-based ordering system is fast, convenient, and delivers accurate orders for customers. 

Eliminate Ordering Mistakes

Switching to an online ordering system through QR codes eliminates ordering mistakes associated with person-to-person contact. The system and the crew receive the exact orders scanned through the QR code. This avoids mistakes or mix-ups. 

Eliminate Having to Wait in Queues

Through scanning the QR code on the menu, the customer doesn’t have to wait in a socially-distanced queue. They can sit down on the table and order in advance by scanning the QR code attached to a menu. Customers can order on the spot without having to interact with the restaurant staff, allowing a smooth experience for both customers and the crew. 

Reduce Operations Cost for Restaurant Staff

You don’t need so much workforce as the ordering system will be digital. This allows you to save money and operations costs for the wait staff. A waiter doesn’t need to purposely go around, take orders, and give the menu to each of the customers. The buyer himself can scan the QR code and place his order instantly. You can allocate the manpower to order preparation and customer service instead. 

Save Money Printing Up Disposable Menus

You cannot only turn your menu to a digital one but also save money! Using a dynamic QR code generator, you can update your menu list even if it has been printed! No need to re-print again! You just need to click on the “edit” button of a dynamic QR code generator to make the necessary changes anytime you want. QR codes are cost-effective. No need to break the bank! 

How to Use QR codes Outside of Your Restaurant Shops

Use QR Codes on Your Door Entrance to Roll Out Safety Precautionary Measures

You can use a QR code (generate QR code at encoded with information on what precautionary measures should your guests have to follow when entering your restaurant, such as observing social distancing, maximum capacity of people, wearing a mask, etc. 

Use Contactless Visitor Forms Powered by QR Codes

Filter your guests who enter your restaurants by using contactless visitor forms through QR codes. The virus can spread through tangible contact forms. Instead of handing them out standard forms, you replace it in a digital way powered by QR codes. You can place the QR code outside of your restaurant wherein your guest will first scan the QR code using only their smartphones and fill up the details, such as their current health status.

Moreover, you can make a database out of it and help your local government for contact-tracing of individuals who may be a possible COVID 19. This also addresses the customers’ concern by making them feel secure that the eatery is taking an additional step to safeguard their health by filtering the people who enter their domain. 

How to Use QR Codes in Food Delivery Orders?

Improve Your Delivery Orders and Deflate COVID-19 Impact on Dine-In

Food delivery is a viable option to avoid the crowd. Most of the restaurants and coffee house chains are also resorting to catering food delivery orders. Using QR code, you cannot only reduce COVID impact on dine-in, but you can also use QR codes to maximize your take-out orders.

You can attach a QR code to your delivery packs and lead customers to your social media QR code to follow you for updates about your business. This also establishes your social media presence. Moreover, you can give them a discount if they share your service with their social media platforms, allowing more people to know more about what services you offer to attract new customers. 

Showcase How You Process Food Orders Through a QR Code? 

Customers would likely trust and feel secure about the food that you prepare for them by showing a video of how you process it, a kitchen tour, and being transparent about your restaurant sanitation standards. 

Involve your customers about your business, and you will establish loyal customers and attract new ones! 

Use QR codes to link to a customer survey form allowing your customers to give you ratings and feedback! Good ratings are essential to building trust and confidence among your customers and potential ones. 

How to Get Started With QR Codes in Food Delivery Orders?

You can also consider partnering with a Food delivery app that drops door-to-door food orders and attach your QR code to it. You can link the attached QR code to relevant information that will add value to your product or service. 

Moreover, you can also create a website for your restaurant with an ordering system and generate it into a URL QR code! Customers scan the code, and they can order right away!

If you want to be more upgraded, you can create an App QR code that will let scanners be redirected to Amazon play store, google play store, or Apple store to download your app!

Contactless Payment in Restaurants Using QR Codes

In China, the QR code payment system in restaurants is a common sight. Using WeChat, which is China’s most popular messaging app, also allows the QR code payment system. The user first links its bank account to the WeChat app, and upon scanning the QR code on table menus with the app, the amount is automatically deducted from their balance. 

According to the Datessential survey in April 2020, 87 percent of restaurant guests like the idea of contactless payments. 


There is no particular time when this pandemic will be over. And even as we move forward beyond this global crisis, indefiniteness may become our new normal. 

As restaurants will soon have to reopen in different parts of the globe with strict guidelines and measures, QR codes generated using a QR Code generator online are an effective contactless technology that is useful to incorporate these times. Smart ordering using QR code is superior to customers during this crisis. QR code is the solution that meets the urgency of business owners like someone running a restaurant without paying the high cost. 

As customers are expected to proceed with more caution, restaurants can implement QR codes and set clear expectations to guide diners to navigate to “new normal in a restaurant.” Integrating QR codes are one of the preventive measures we can take to prevent and avoid virus contraction. 



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