How Portable Personal Scanner Defines the New Mode of Smart Office

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We are entering into the smart office era where everything can be done on time with ease. The new mode of smart office lets the employees work smarter and faster by using the latest technologies and trends. A portable personal scanner is definitely one of those smart accessories that make the workflow easier.

A portable personal scanner lets everyone scanning the documents and pics without any hustle everywhere. Now people don’t have to find the specific scanner and wait in the queue for their turn for scanning. They can smartly scan anything and work on the documents anywhere with the help of a portable personal scanner. This is what we call a smart office.

Don’t you wanna work in a smart office? If yes, then you must purchase a portable personal scanner for yourself as it has many benefits regarding the smart office. 

Advantages of the Portable Personal Scanner

  • The foremost advantage of the portable personal scanner is its portability for sure. You can literally use it from anywhere. It can be completely detached and used as an alone stand device.
  • It is extremely light weighted and smaller in size. You can take the portable personal scanner with yourself, in a bag, on a business trip.
  • The speed of the portable personal scanner in unmatched as compared to a regular scanner. The average speed of personal portable scanning is 20-30 pages per minute. That’s insane.
  • Many portable personal scanners are supported by USB ports. You can connect them with your laptop, PC, and mobile via USB port. Your files will be automatically saved in a USB port after the scan.
  • Many advanced portable personal scanners have the auto-feeding feature as well. You can give the exact number of the document pages which need to be scanned. They will do the job themselves.
  • The portable personal scanner can scan up to A3 paper size. So, you can scan any document or photo.
  • Some of the advanced personal portable scanners have a smart camera up to 16MP for the best scanning quality and best toning of the scanned pages according to the given light.
  • An advanced portable scanner has the CNC and OCR functionalities as well, which allow you to edit the scanned documents right away and save them into any specific type.

That’s why the personal portable scanners are shaping the normal organization into a smart office. The productivity, efficiency, and workflow are much smoother and better with the portable scanners. You must consider buying a personal handheld portable scanner for your smart life.

Before buying it, you must check all the accessories in the specific portable scanner. It should give you all the above-mentioned advantages. You can look for an optimal portable scanner that should be a light-weighted, a user-friendly standalone product, having a separate battery, fast scanning ability, auto feeder, and USB connectivity options. There are many interesting options covering most of these features, but you must be hungry for as many advanced features as there could be for real smart office workflow.

The CZUR is committed to AI smart office, hoping to innovate every office product with better technology and a more beautiful design. The truth is that CZUR has revolutionized the smart office providing the ultra-smart AI scanning features in a portable scanner regarding page turn and color corrections.

Their latest portable smart scanner AURA will blow your mind. It has multiple AI features with a 14MP preview camera with CNC&OCR technologies with file conversion features. In addition to the above superior functions, AURA can not only scan the A3 size paper completely but also scan the bound books, account books, etc. Moreover, when you’re not working, AURA can also be a lamp accompanying you.

If you really want to work in a smart office, try to learn more about portable personal scanners.



Ashley Macdonald
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