How Personalized Door Mats Can Promote Your Brand

One of the best ways to create a professional appearance for your place of business is to lay down personalized door mats. By presenting your brand’s logo immediately upon its entrance, you can provide a consistent, memorable experience for your customers and employees. In addition, a doormat can also help you keep your customers and employees safe. Many types of flooring can become highly slippery when wet. One of the most common places to slip in doorways, especially in wet weather. Door mats can absorb this moisture and help customers entering your space to have a firm footing.

Ways To Personalize Your Door Mat

Personalization means more than just putting your name on something. There are actually five different characteristics that you can customize to make your doormat genuinely unique and impactful. These include:

  • Color
  • Print
  • Material
  • Size
  • Shape

With a personalized door mat, you can choose exactly what colors you want for the text and the background of your custom rug. This can help to ensure that your mat is brand-consistent and fits well into the space. You can also incorporate custom prints onto your doormats, allowing you to add your own custom logo. At Rug Rats, we will work with you to help you find just the right fonts and colors to make your doormat a success.

You can also customize the material used for the mat. Some materials are better for absorbing moisture than others. Some materials have a more elegant appearance than others. The material of your doormat is also a cost factor. Finally, size and shape are two custom options that provide key advantages over store-bought doormats. Most large door mats do not fit doorways perfectly, and this can lead to sliding or bunched-up material, which is neither attractive nor safe. By customizing your door mat’s size, you can ensure a perfect fit. Finally, some spaces require an alternatively shaped rug. For instance, a round or oval shape might be just what you are looking for. With a custom shape, Rug Rats enables you to get just the right doormat for your space.

Best Design For Your Organization

Although the most straightforward option is to place your logo on the doormat, you might also want to consider coming up with a more creative option. Slightly changing the text or image might be a way to create a more unique doormat. Furthermore, you might also use a custom doormat to reinforce your company culture. Instead of putting branding on the mat, you could put a simple message that embodies the culture you want to advance. Google might put “Don’t Be Evil” on a doormat. Nike might add a “Just Do It” doormat to one of their spaces. By taking an alternative approach, you can create a more eye-catching design that also helps your employees and customers to feel more at home in the space.

A personalized door mat can be a great way to expand your marketing, promote your brand, reinforce your company culture, and keep your employees safe. If you’re interested in customizing a doormat, contact us. At Rug Rats, we have had years of experience in the rug business and can help you through the design process to ensure that the doormat you receive exceeds your expectations.

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