How Paper Egg Tray Making Machines Guarantee the Quality of Egg Tray?

Eggs are rich in protein, which is an important supplementary source of human protein. Therefore, the global demand for eggs is enormous every year. The huge demand for eggs drives the demand for egg packaging. They exist side by side and play a part together. As an essential part of egg packaging, paper egg tray plays a vital role in protecting eggs during transportation and storage, forcing their quality and strength to be the critical parts that people focus on.

Egg tray as one of the most popular egg packaging in the market is mainly due to its green production line. From the primary raw materials used to the end of the whole manufacturing process, egg tray making machine conducts an environmentally friendly production process. The primary raw materials for making egg cartons are waste materials, such as old newspapers, old books, wrapping paper, or waste paper cups. These biodegradable raw materials combined with special reagents make the egg tray hard enough and 100% biodegradable and recyclable.

Raw materials do affect the quality of the egg tray, while factors that affect the quality of the egg tray can also be attributed to the paper egg tray machine and the whole production line. In the rest of the article, we will discuss where the factors of paper egg tray making machines that affect the quality of egg trays lie and how to overcome these difficulties.

Factors affecting paper egg trays

  • The cleaning is not in place

The influence of machine cleaning on the finished product can not be ignored In the process of production. Due to the poor cleaning of the egg tray machine, most of the time, a lot of waste left in the previous egg tray manufacturing process will be mixed into the new production line, which makes the quality of the finished product unsatisfactory. In addition to that, poor cleaning will affect the accessories of the paper egg tray machine over time, making the running performance of the equipment worse and worse. Thus the quality of the egg tray is difficult to guarantee.

  • Inadequate handling of raw materials

The manufacturing process of egg trays usually includes four parts: pulping, molding, drying, and packaging. This seems simple, but in fact, the non-standard of every step may be the leading cause of the poor quality of the egg tray. As the pulp is used in various production processes, its impact on the finished product in the whole egg tray production process can not be underestimated. The pulping process includes stirring, crushing, impurity separation, screening, desanding, and peeling. In order to obtain a smoother and uniform pulp, the order of each step and the proportion of raw materials should be strictly followed. Therefore, if the processing of pulp by paper egg tray making machines is not accurate and sufficient, the quality of the tray will be difficult to be guaranteed too.

  • The poor performance of the machine

The machine is one of the items to participate in the whole making process of egg tray, so the performance of the machine is the most critical factor to assess the quality of the egg tray. Because many egg tray machines have not yet realized full automation, so artificial control still plays a role in the egg tray production process, which has an impact on a smooth production line. Secondly, the performance of semi-automatic and even traditional machines is undoubtedly inferior to that of fully automatic egg tray machines in terms of self-repair and maintenance. Therefore, the finished paper egg tray is challenging to achieve exquisite.

Solutions in improving the quality of egg trays

  • Regular cleanliness

While most egg tray users make a point of keeping it clean outside, it is crucial to keep it clean inside as well. It makes sense to engage an expert so that the paper egg tray making machine is thoroughly cleaned and operated from time to time. Not only is this important for avoiding smooth working and prevention of wear and tear but also helping in preventing rust and other forms of corrosion.

  • Regular maintenance

Maintenance of paper egg tray machine parts can be done daily or as a regular weekly routine to improve its performance. In addition, you can divide it into standard maintenance, location maintenance, and equipment maintenance depending on the type and quantity of care required by your machine. Typically, equipment maintenance measures include (but are not limited to) testing, lubrication, hygiene and cleaning, repairs, and safety.

  • Turn to automation

In egg tray making products, high efficiency along with outstanding quality is the only goal for the go getters. The problem of efficiency s solved by the machine as everything is mechanically done. Egg tray machines take the regulation system towards automation and reduce the involvement of men in the production of the respective trays. Therefore the chances for errors related to shapes, sizes, and quality are minimized by the paper egg tray machine. In the modern industry, fully automatic paper egg tray machines bring mechanical power to the table, thus increasing the efficiency of the overall system.


In summary, to compete in this field, you need to look at the latest technology. At HGHY, they have more than 20 years of experience in egg tray production lines. HGHY is dedicated to researching and producing state-of-the-art pulp molding machines. During these years of innovation, they have expanded their global presence in more than 40 countries.

If you are interested in exploring the possibility of using automatic egg tray making technology, HGHY welcomes the opportunity to provide you with expert advice.

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