How Most Pool Companies Handle Marketing

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One of the greatest challenges pool contractors face today is marketing their business. There are literally thousands of pool companies vying for the same customers in any given market in America. How do pool companies that seriously need to focus on sales growth compete? The answer is: Use a better marketing company than the competitors do.

Most pool companies will wind up contacting their local web designer or marketing agency for help in this regard. This is a critical flaw in their marketing strategy. These companies are unequipped to deal with the highly competitive vertical that is pool construction. These companies may specialize in web design, SEO or reputation management, but they seldom have Pool Industry experience.

Why is Pool Industry Experience Important in Marketing?

Pool Companies need to have the air of authority when they speak to customers. They need to convey that they are the industry experts. Web Designers and Marketing companies seldom know the difference between a Gunite Pool and a Fiberglass pool. Web Designers and Marketing people don’t know the differences between a skimmer and a chlorinator or what they do or how to intelligently speak to customers so that Google deems their pool company an authority in search as well.

One company that stands out from the rest in this regard is Pool Marketing. Their marketing agency was developed specifically for the Pool Industry and they have worked with over 100 pool builders and pool service companies around the country. Their industry experience at SEO is mind blowing. We personally attended a lecture that Joe Trusty the CEO of gave on Search Engine Optimization back in April of last year. Mr. Trusty spoke to a room of over 300 pool builders from around the country and provided them with critical insights on how to win at digital marketing and SEO.

Industry Thought Leaders on Digital Marketing

As an industry thought leader on digital marketing and SEO, Pool Marketing is in a unique position to help pool companies dramatically increase their branding & visibility in every marketing in the country. They have developed 3rd party sister websites to help pool companies with lead draw, reputation management, and branding. Two of the websites in question and are the anchors of a sophisticated network of Content Marketing websites designed to help Pool Builders & Pool Service companies, catapult their SEO and visibility in a hurry.

There is no other marketing agency on planet Earth that can deliver the types of results these guys can. Pool Marketing has helped some of the largest pool companies in the country increase their annual revenue by hundreds of millions of dollars. It is no wonder why they are consistently rated the best advertising agency for pool builders.

Pool Builders Swear By Their Service

One pool builder in California that wants to remain anonymous said “It’s scary how good they are at marketing. It’s crazy to me how pool companies everywhere haven’t caught on to Pool Contractor yet. They are literally a secret weapon for my pool company right now and I wanna keep it that way.”.

That may be easier said than done… Market Watch recently did an article on and their web properties are getting industry recognition in a hurry. It’s inevitable that Pool Marketing will become a market maker for Pool Companies that opt to engage their services.

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