How Managing Your Incontinence Has a Positive Effect on Your Work Life

Managing Your Incontinence

Whether you’re experiencing incontinence due to a temporary health issue or a permanent condition, the impact on your work life is significant. Things that you used to do without a second thought sometimes seem like insurmountable obstacles now. In order to effectively deal with the situation, it pays to find the right combination of treatments and medical supplies.

Once you do, things will begin to change. The day will come when the issue of incontinence vanishes because of the measures that you’ve taken. Once that happens, you can expect several things to change about your approach to your job or career.

Your Sense of Control is Restored

The very nature of incontinence is being unable to control a bodily function that you once managed with ease. While it may not be physically possible to recover the control that you’ve lost, the right strategies can help you acquire a new type of control.

For example, undergarments that prevent leakage and also contain the odor for a time allows you the option to engage in a number of work-related tasks without having to immediately stop what you’re doing and take care of the pressing need. While you do still need to take care of things, it’s possible to wrap up a task and then make a discreet exit.

You Can Focus On Work Tasks With Greater Ease

The sudden urge to go has a way of breaking your sense of concentration. That’s not a big deal when you’re performing a basic task that can reasonably wait for a few moments. It can be a problem when you’re in the middle of something that requires your immediate attention. With the right medical supplies and other solutions, it’s easier to find a good stopping point, make some quick notes so you can pick up where you left off, and then see to your personal needs. Imagine how that will help you maintain your productivity.

You Feel More Comfortable Around Your Peers

Thanks to using higher quality products from a trusted brand like ConvaTec, it’s easier to spend time around your colleagues without worrying about what might happen. You can relax easier while in meetings, attending luncheons, or working with one or two people on a project. That tracks back to the renewed sense of control that the right supplies provide; you know that it’s possible to manage your condition while not inconveniencing your peers at work.

Your Desire to Advance is No Longer Hampered by Health Woes

Perhaps you’ve held back on seeking promotions at work, or offering to take on a project that would provide you with a great deal of satisfaction. Your hesitancy has to do with the incontinence. Simply put, you feel that your medical condition would hamper the ability to deliver on your promises. That changes when you are using the right combination of medical supplies, medication, and other resources.

Once you feel able to manage whatever happens, go ahead and try for that new position. Participate in a committee project knowing that you will be able to add something to the team. Feel free to pitch an idea to your managers, knowing that you can handle things if they give you the green light. Even if you do have something happen while you’re working on the project, it will be a simple matter to take care of things and then get back to work.

Incontinence does not mean that your work life has to stall or that you have to avoid opportunities that would otherwise be welcome. Work with your primary care physician and identify the type of supplies and other essentials that will help you live your life without compromises. Once you do so, work will once again be something you look forward to rather than hoping that you manage to get through the day. 



James Williams
James is our Lead Content Publisher here at Feeds Portal. He has worked with many top websites over the years, including BuzzFeed.

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