How Exolyt Helps You Get Ahead on TikTok

Exolyt is a powerful analytical tool that can help your brand excel on the TikTok platform. Whether you’re a sole influencer, or you own an emerging business, this analytics program can give you an edge over the competition.

See What’s Trending

Just logging on to TikTok shows you some of the hottest trending videos at the moment, but it doesn’t always show you which videos are racking up the most views. If you want to find out what most people are watching, and where a lot of the time is being spent on TikTok, Exolyt will tell you. So, if you are looking to ride a trend of popularity and relevancy, you can see exactly what kind of content you will need to create.

As a raw data tool, Exolyt is very powerful, and it will be up to you to figure out what makes a particular video trendy, but having those numbers available can shed some light on why your own videos may struggle sometimes.

The same tool also tracks hashtags, and that will show you how trending videos could be linked to specific keywords. It helps you to identify hot hashtags and see which ones are working and which aren’t.

Watch the Competition

One of the coolest ways Exolyt is putting the power in the hands of brands is by showing them what their competition is up to. You can track other brands and see how their videos are performing. This can give you vital information about what works and what doesn’t, and it may inspire you to make some changes to your own content plan.

If you want some idea of how other brands grow their business and attract followers, you can use this tool to see what they are up to. Exolyt will show you relevant data on these competitors and allow you to compare your own brand against them. You can see how you are performing in relation to targeted competitors, giving you the motivation you need to work harder and keep on moving forward.

Create Analytical Charts

You can export all of this data as CSV files, which can be used to create growth charts, tracking tables and more. This data can be useful in presentation and company meetings, showing your employees or shareholders exactly how your brand is doing on TikTok, and what metrics might need to change to improve your brand or help it to grow.

Without a tool like this, you may be fumbling around wondering why your videos aren’t performing well, or why you aren’t seeing much growth for your brand. Exolyt can show you exactly what is going on, not just with your brand, but other brands as well, giving you the tools you need to step up your game and elevate your business to the next level.

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