How eUnite Helps Redefine Your Business for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Industrial revolutions have long been understood to enhance economies, create market opportunities, inspire innovation, and make goods and services more affordable and accessible, among various other affects that can positively impact the economic landscape.

With COVID-19 sacking the world’s ability to continue on with business as usual, the technologies that define industry 4.0 went from being “great to have” to “can’t live without”, at breakneck speed, for virtually all industries on the planet. The next revolution of industry is happening now.

The Future is Now

Post-COVID, the number of remote workers could end up at nearly 30% of the workforce, according to Global Workplace Analytics. As companies cannot survive without strong, clear communication, this statistic presents a new obstacle for status and progress tracking, employee assessments, conferencing, engagement, and other vital management functions for all size businesses.

To address this obstacle, eUnite has created a workplace platform called @Work. It provides all the preferred methods of communication as well as online learning and employee engagement in one, cloud-based, business-focused platform. And with a mobile first design, @Work supports working from basically any internet connected device from anywhere in the world.

What is @Work?

eUnite’s @Work platform is a professional business app designed to redefine the way you connect your people through communication, collaboration, on-demand online learning, and engagement. The feature set is extensive but easy to adopt for those keen to giving their business a leg up in this new, high-tech world economy.

Online Learning

eUnite integrated a Learning Management System into @Work because learning and iterating is a crucial process for organizations who want to be able to navigate changing market conditions. Learn@Work helps you create, organize, and distribute online courses for flexible but focused learning programs targeting the needs of any team member or learning group. Some of the Learn@Work features include:

  • Learning Roadmaps: Upload or record courses that can be combined to create programs. Various programs can then be strung together into roadmaps. Each team member can be assigned multiple roadmaps to address specific learning needs and career path milestones.
  • Progress Tracking: Each team member’s learning home page shows all courses assigned to them and allows for immediate resumption of any In Progress videos that have already been partially completed. Indicators for Priority courses, Pre-requisites, and Due Dates, if applicable, helps with quick content prioritization. 
  • Mobile Experience: Upload, record, and complete learning courses directly from a tablet or smartphone. Cloud and mobile technologies make it possible for any down time to be used for self-improvement. Riding the train to work or waiting on a doctor’s appointment? Grab you device and learn a thing or two!
  • Assignments and Tests: Assess knowledge before, during, and after finishing a course. Pre-tests can help determine where someone should start learning, assignments help create a robust experience to ensure materials fully absorbed, and post-tests allow your team to showcase their new skills and knowledge.
  • Dashboard: No learning system is complete without the ability to understand what’s working and what’s not. Team leaders and system admins have access to an analytics dashboard which makes it possible to analyze learning and development performance. Various views make it possible to adjust scope and view progress across departments, roles, teams, and individuals with just a few taps.

Communication and Collaboration

eUnite knows a next-gen work platform must include innovative ways to manage and simplify business communication and collaboration flows. Harvard Business Review says, when most organizations strive to increase collaboration, they approach it too narrowly: as a value to cultivate – not a skill to teach. This is why it’s important for learning and collaboration to be built side by side.

Cloud technologies end E2E encryption are utilized by eUnite to create a secure, device agnostic digital workplace where teams can collaborate, learn, and innovate together in one place, no matter the physical location. The communication and collaboration features include:

  • Meet@Work: eUnite has integrated voice calls, video calls, and A/V conferencing into @Work with various ways to kickoff impromptu or scheduled meetings. Quickly invite participants by department, role, or by selecting specific individuals. Meetings can also be started directly within chat rooms which will automatically invite everyone in the group. 
  • Chat: The preferred method of communication by millennials gives the ability to discuss multiple topics with multiple groups simultaneously. You can create rooms for entire departments or teams based on different position or roles. Break into various topics inside chat rooms so you can brainstorm and grow ideas in one place without cluttering everyone’s’ screens.
  • Feed: The company feed serves as your team’s digital billboard which allows you to share anything and everything with other members. Clearly set who will receive the info by role, workspace, or individual colleagues.

Engagement Features

Good leaders understand the importance employee engagement and feedback loops. When staff can share opinions and experiences that result in observable improvements, loyalty and satisfaction build in the right direction. These features include:

  • Announcement: Always keep your staff informed and up-to-date with important announcements. Acknowledgements enable leaders to track and verify, in real-time, who has and who has not received the info.
  • Live: Bring your company together regardless of how far or wide they’re spread. Live sessions can be used by leaders to share a vision or new initiatives, or by instructors to host special learning classes and workshops. Live broadcasts can be saved for later review or converted directly into the course library to be used in future programs and learning roadmaps.
  • Survey: With the Survey designer, you can easily create unlimited surveys to keep a pulse on the company atmosphere or collect preferences. This helps you to effectively learn what your team needs to stay motivated and perform at their best as you leverage survey results to improve business strategies and the overall work culture.


By bringing all these capabilities under one platform, companies can not only maximize their teams’ potential, but also lower operating costs while maintaining high standards no matter where everyone is located. Effective communication and collaboration practices can help companies reach their goals faster while online learning drives improvement, growth, and collective satisfaction. As Forbes puts it, the performance of entire organizations often hinges on whether they can adapt to fast-paced changes in the world of information technology. Don’t get left behind as the world redefines what it means to be at work.

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