How Does Perfume Bottle Design Build Your Brand Image

The cosmetics and perfume markets have seen surprisingly steady growth over the past few years. Online perfume shops and boutique stores are not just women’s patent anymore.  In fact, also men frequently spray different colognes when taking part in special occasions, and daily use mostly to attract the opposite sex attention.

When it comes to purchasing a new perfume, the brand and the packaging both play an essential role. Well-designed perfume bottles can better build your brand image by giving the right message to the targeted audience, there’s more to it than a simple bottle.

In this article, we will talk about packaging trends and how the perfume bottle design can help you shape your brand.

The Importance of Designing for Brand

The brand is everything in the perfume field. A perfume bottle can be of many shapes, colors, finishes, and have different decorative elements. The possibilities of decorations are limitless. According to the age and gender of the customers, the perfume bottle design radically changes. A product thought to be used by 40 to 50 years’ elegant ladies would be completely different from one intended for an energetic teenager.

The perfume bottle design has an important purpose in building your brand image. As a matter of fact, the perfume bottle needs to be able to convey the idea behind the fragrance creation. Having the right marketing strategy will make you stand out from the competitors and give you a clear advantage.

How Perfume Bottle Design Shape Your Brand

A professional glass perfume bottle design has to consider several factors before starting to come out with a new idea. In the first place, the perfume bottle design transmits your company vision, highlighting your message. Your business ideas are what makes you special and unique, distancing you from the mass.

In the second place, the perfume bottle needs to be designed thinking about the audience: mature women and men, teenagers of both gender or unisex products. Then the perfume bottle needs to cater to the fragrance taste: exotic, fresh, floral, delicate they all communicate different feelings.

Another important aspect worth of notice is to keep up with modern market trends. Lately, in terms of shape and style, we are going back to the basics and simple geometric forms. On the other hand, if you want to leave a sense of luxury and exclusivity in your customer’s mind, a heavy, high-quality glass perfume bottle with alloy zamac decorations will be a good choice.

Even though we see being used materials with a sensory appeal, glass is always the first and most elegant option. One of the typical examples on the market is Abely glass perfume bottles. They have a great range of standard glass perfume bottle molds for selection, adopt several decorations finish techniques such as polishing, lacquering, and metalizing.

On top of that, on the bottle can be added embellishment accessories such as collars, chains, and metal strips with your logo printed above.


Remember that the package appearance, on most occasions, may determine whether a person chooses you or not. Even in the fragrance business, the scent is ranked as the third, as the first two factors of buying motivators are the brand and the packaging.

If your marketing campaign meets any problems or you would like to improve your current package, an experienced package expert such as Abely can assist you in presenting your products better.

Abely is specialized in providing high-quality perfume packaging with a one-stop solution, developing and manufacturing according to the client brand identity.

If you would like to know more about how to create a stunning perfume bottle design as a brand image, the Abely team is glad to become your personal advisor.



James Williams
James is our Lead Content Publisher here at Feeds Portal. He has worked with many top websites over the years, including BuzzFeed.

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