How Do You Choose the Right Perfume?

Have you ever received perfume as a gift, or bought some for yourself and not been very happy with the scent? Maybe it had a pleasant enough smell, but after a while, wearing the perfume became annoying and the smell overbearing. How do you choose a perfume that you will be happy with, or choose one that will make a good gift for someone? Here are a few tips from that should help…

Try It Out

Most stores that sell perfume will let you test out a little bit of the product before you make a purchase. If you are not familiar with the perfume or the scent, then you definitely want to take advantage of this option. Try spraying a small amount on your wrist, says Wikihow. That way, you can hold it up to your nose and give it a sniff without having the perfume close to your nose for the rest of the day. You will be keeping it at arm’s length, quite literally.

Try a Sample Bottle

Some perfume will be sold in sample size bottles. These are smaller bottles of perfume that only contain a few applications of the product. Sometimes, these are offered for free, and other times they come with a small price tag. You can purchase a few of these to get an idea of which one you might like the most and then make a larger purchase based on that information.

Pay Attention to the Concentrations

Maybe you like a perfume’s scent, but find it kind of overpowering after wearing it for a while. You may be using a higher concentration of the perfume, as many of them are sold in several different concentrations. Try out the lower concentrations and see if they are more appealing, as they will offer a subtler scent that does not overpower your sense of smell so much. On the other hand, if you like a perfume but think it is too subtle, then you can opt for the higher concentration instead.

Choose Your Notes

Each perfume has a few different notes (more details), which are the different parts of the perfume. These are various scents that are layered to work together to make a complete, complex scent. There are floral scents as well as fruit and spice scented perfumes. You may already know which kind of scent you prefer based on the type of perfumes you have use in the past. Or if you are buying for a friend, you may have an idea of what kind of scents they like. If you know someone’s perfume preference, you can buy other perfumes for them that fit into the same category.

Buying perfume does not have to be like trying to shoot in the dark, if you follow these helpful tips.

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