How Do Solar Power Battery Generators Supply Power During Blackout

solar panel on a roof in the sun

As we all know, power blackouts are caused by electric equipment failure leading to the loss of by the suspension of electric power supplied to the end-users. Dependent on the electricity as we are, power outages always result in a series of inconveniences to our lives. 

For instance, blackouts can stop us from using electric appliances in our house for hours or even days. One possible countermeasure could be the utilization of a solar power generator.

In this article, we will present you with a short overview of solar power energy. Then we will focus on how solar power generators supply power during blackouts. Let’s take a look. 

About Solar Energy & Solar Power Battery Generators

Solar energy is a sustainable source of power emitted directly from the sun. Through the utilization of solar power generators, we are able to harvest the sun’s power and subsequently convert it into electricity to charge our devices and appliances.

Simply explained, Solar power battery generators capture the photons from the sun via solar panels, convert it into electrical power and store on the batter.

Compared with fuel gas generator or diesel generator, solar power battery generator is more safe, reliable, and clean and quite. Because of these evident advantages, solar power battery generators are a good choice for replacing the traditional generators in your daily life.


Portable Solar Power Generator Usage During Blackouts

The portable solar power generator can supply power independently without consuming fuel. It can be charged by connecting it to AC outlets or from movable solar panels. When encounter power blackouts or other disasters, portable solar power generators come to our rescue as emergency outage by allowing us to keep using our electronic devices and house appliances.

Looking at a practical example, recently, we have come to discover the Minmax solar power battery generator. This innovative piece of equipment is usually used during camping or for rescue emergencies that happened in the outdoors. Lately, though, some people have been using it even in the indoor as a countermeasure to power outages. 

As a matter of fact, portable solar power generators can be easily charged with solar panels and provide energy to charge smartphones for 167 hours, laptops, and televisions for roughly 30-20 hours and many smaller appliances for a substantial period of time. In this way, the portable solar power generator can ensure the continuity of daily activities without disruption of your routine.

When using solar power battery generator as backup of power, the power of solar power battery generator has to be full always in case of emergency power failure. However, if you live in a place without electricity to access for several days, it is wise of you adding a solar panel to your home standby power system. In this way, you can convert the solar energy into electricity through the solar panel and store it in the solar power battery generator, so as to ensure the power supply during the outage.



No matter if you are indoor or outdoor, remaining without electricity is always a reason for frustration. The time spent without power can be quiet hard to bear, especially when you were abruptly stopped during important matters.

Minmax has 15 years of experience, and it is specialized in BMS technology and independent battery development. The newly developed 1500W portable solar power generator is a silent, eco-friendly, and reliable tool. It is quite intuitive to operate, and with its powerful battery pack can be the solution against the discomfort of being without electricity.

If you also were left without electric power, or you found yourself in the situation of needing a stable and reliable source of energy generation, we would like to recommend getting a solar power generator.

Minmax is happy to help you with more suggestion sdepending on your specific situation. 



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