How Do Body Temperature Cameras Help Contain the COVID-19

Since the beginning of the year, the epidemic of COVID-19 has spread all over the world. With a mounting number of people are infected, medical care has gotten attention in the market. As one of the symptoms of infection is fever, more and more public places use access control equipment to measure the body temperature of the person in and out to quarantine the potentially infected person.

There is the equipment plays an critical role in the screening process, which is the infrared thermal imaging camera. It can realize rapid body temperature screening by non-contact detection and is suitable for large-scale testing.

The measurement range of such a body temperature camera is 30℃~45℃, and the temperature can be accurate to ±0.3℃. Once the person with abnormal body temperature is found, the system will automatically alarm.

That helps relevant departments to improve the efficiency of quarantine work so that the infected people can be isolated in time. This way, it slower the spread of the virus and provides a reliable guarantee for containing the spread of the epidemic.

About the Body Temperature Camera

Hytera body temperature camera is a bullet-type camera, usually working together with an monitor screen. The monitoring statistics, which is the body temperature of each person walking past the camera, will be displayed on the monitor screen along with thermal images being recorded. If the detected body temperature exceeds threshold temperature, a warning alarm will be triggered to remind the worker.

Principle of an Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera

Thermal infrared imaging technology is adopted in the body temperature camera to realize remote and non-contact temperature measurement. Infrared thermal imaging is a technique that can visualize and verify thermal information instantly. All objects whose temperature is higher than minus 273.16℃ continuously radiate infrared rays. This phenomenon is called thermal radiation.

What a thermal imaging camera does is to receive infrared rays from an object, scan and convert the infrared thermal image of the measured object into an electrical signal, and display the temperature distribution on the measured object’s surface through a colored picture. On the computer screen, you can see the hot corridors of people and objects but the real face of the objects.

Because the infrared imaging camera can voluntarily receive the infrared heat radiation of the target itself without the influence of the climatic conditions, it could generally work no matter the day and night, or whether under any harsh climate conditions.  

For instance, the thermal imager could be used in large-scale personnel-intensive scenes such as hospitals, schools, hotels, shopping malls, enterprises, and institutions. Or in places such as airports, railway stations, subway stations, and ports that need to monitor body temperature and control the flow of people.


Hytera body temperature camera is one of the cameras that adopts thermal infrared imaging technology. It also uses other high technologies such as face recognition, an alarm device, Mask Recognition, etc., which is the best choice for access control in the community. What’s more, during the containing period of COVID-19, it plays a critical role in places with high traffic, such as hospitals, airports, railway stations, government offices, and factories.  

As a global leader in two-way radio communications, Hytera is committed to developing and manufacturing innovative solutions to meet customers’ communication demands, including body temperature camera.

It is foreseeable that even after the epidemic, infrared thermal body temperature measurement will be important infrastructure for the future. It can be a reliable prevention and control role in more public places. Therefore, you can confidently consult a reliable manufacturer like Hytera about body temperature cameras to protect your community.

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