How Can a Drone Help You with Treasure Hunting? The Benefits of a Drone Metal Detector



Since they existed, drones have gradually developed and forever changed the industry. From the photographic perspective, drones become a great benefit to a photograph. With this device any photograph can take pictures and make video clips in such a quality, that was before reachable only by helicopters. Now almost every famous influencer we know from social media, have used this technology and benefits of a drone. In the same way drone devices are approaching and are getting used more and more frequently in archaeology, treasure hunting and gold prospecting. 

The Benefits

So how exactly can a flying device like a drone be used to help you find treasure, gold or artifacts? If we try to look from a logical point of view, the most common problem of treasure hunting is how to cover large areas? How to scan areas that are difficult to access? And how to save time doing so. For all this drone can be a very beneficial device for anyone.

We can already see some examples of people searching and looking for interesting places through drone cameras. In this way, treasure hunters can firstly explore and investigate unknown territories or maybe places that are harder reachable by foot. In this way they can gather a lot of information of their surroundings and the unreachable areas. All of this they can do before they go searching for buried treasures with their metal detector. But wouldn’t be amazing that you could put a metal detector on the drone and actually scan and search for treasure with it. And believe it or not there are some examples of drone metal detector, already found on the market today.

Drone Treasure Hunting

In the recent development metal detecting drones are real. And they can be very helpful in the process of searching for treasure, like described above. But how can they actually help and save time? Due to studies about drone metal detectors, we found some information that can explain more detail

For example, a drone metal detector is an attachment for drones that make it usable for treasure hunting. The system is operated the same way you would operate a drone without his attachment. Drone is operated by its control unit and through application, users can automatically scan selected areas. The results are observed in real-time when the drone scans the area and live displayed on the application. All these functions are very beneficial to a treasure hunter. With a metal detecting drone, treasure hunters can now cover larger areas faster, access remote locations, scan them and gather a lot more information, before they start walking up to these areas. This is truly a game-changer for treasure hunting and with further development, we will see even more interesting metal detector drones.


Now you know the benefits of a drone metal detector and how it works. So why would you want to buy one? We think these could be a big improvement in treasure hunting and in archeology. The combination of a drone metal detector and a hand-held detector would bring much better results in treasure hunting than ever before. Because just with one metal detector we can’t cover that much area and save time. It could be a very good investment for any treasure hunter or hobbies looking for valuable objects buried in the ground.

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