How Blog Monetization Networks Will Improve Your Blog Revenues?

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Starting a blog and working on it is easy for the new bloggers.

But do you think, every blogger earns the same revenue from their blogging?

Definitely not!

They need special efforts to work on every aspect of the blog to gain revenue that they dream of before creating a blog.

Many bloggers start with the aim of gaining revenue and end up with no income and give up.

What could be the possible reason for it? Because they don’t spend time on their blog and even though they know techniques, they don’t give them time to get results from it. These could be the possible reason for it.

Let’s discuss out here the most useful blog monetization networks that can bring more revenues to you.

Content Marketing

Before planning the type of content on your site, you must understand what kind of content your audience is looking for, says Hubspot.

Once you get an idea plan the various formats of content on your website and try to improve traffic to your blog.

You can accept guest posts on your website and earn revenue from it and many more content formats on your website.

Register for Adsense

Once you have enough traffic on your website, you can register for Adsense. But before registering to Adsense you must check with the terms and conditions and when your site is eligible for it, go for it.

Also, there are many chances that you may get blocked, restricted in all such cases you must be ready for what to do because it will suddenly stop gaining revenue from it.

Alternatives to blog monetization are also available in the market that can help you gain income with small efforts.

For this, you need to select the ad-friendly website or design your website in a way so that you can easily have space on sites to place an ad which is close to the eyes of the viewers.

Data Monetization

Whatever the data you produced from your business, you use it for many purposes which directly or indirectly will help you to generate revenue.

Data from social media, CRM, contact forms, subscription form, transaction details, chat process and many more sources.

All this data you can make use of it by storing complete data in a unified position.

For example, you can sell your data in an anonymized form to third party sources, exchange data with your partner brands, and even you can make use of your first-party data for marketing advertising purposes.

Sell Online Products

When you have a website of your, first generate the traffic to your site. Once you get enough traffic on your website. Start selling online products which are relevant or your audience shows interest in it.

In this, you must consider, try to sell the online products such as ebooks, any software products that means that doesn’t require any delivery or packaging headache on you.

With online products, you just need to share the key or passwords to sell it with the buyers. Also, you must consider selecting the product from standard vendors because it should not ruin your audience experience on your website.

Also, you can sell your products on your website, instead of opting other products. If you’re only the vendor of product or service, it will be easy for you to deliver an outstanding customer experience.

Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing, you need to add the link on your website for the set of products. When your audience is looking to buy such products, and if they buy it from your website link, you will get a certain percentage of the price of the product.

Here a selection of the relevant product is essential for you. Also, don’t go for products that can ruin your audience experience.

Go with Sponsored Posts

Accept the sponsored posts from brands to generate revenue. Approach the brands who are relevant to the niche of your domain.

And ask them for sponsored posts on your website or reviews for their products or services. You will get income for placing their posts or reviews on your website for their relevant audience.

To Conclude

Blog monetization is so easy for you when you have the right plan and strong intentions to work on it sincerely.

Most of the people give up in the middle. But following the niche domain of your interest and working on it for some time will help you to increase revenue from your website/blog. It takes time, so you must have patience and focus on your goals.

The strategies for blog mentioned as mentioned earlier, are the most preferred ways of bloggers. You can also have a try.



James Williams
James is our Lead Content Publisher here at Feeds Portal. He has worked with many top websites over the years, including BuzzFeed.

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