How Being A Keynote Speaker Can Grow Your Business

keynote speaker

You may not have thought about it, but there is an interesting method you might want to consider using if you have been struggling with promoting your business – keynote speaking.

It does not matter if  it is an internet-based home business, or a new retail location, you can grow  it through speaking engagements. As a flower garden planted in the spring, you will  be able to see your customer base blossom into one that will give you a beautiful garden of customers that will continually grow. There are tips that you can use to build your business, and make your mark in your community!

Most People Fear Giving Keynote Speeches 

Many people hate to give a public speech, but you will need to get rid of that fear if you want to grow your business. Granted, it might not make you an over night  success, but it’ll get your name out there, right in front of the public that  you need so desperately. Consider how speaking can help you grow new customers.

Hand to hand, and face-to-face interaction is the best way to market. It gives a sense of personalization to the product through you. Often, people cannot remember a name, but can easily recognize a face. Your customer will use all of his or her senses from attending one of your speeches through hearing, seeing, smelling,  and touching the information or product that you have put in front of them.

Keynote Speaking Improves Your Status

Your stature in your community will be highlighted and reinforced. Most people are terrified of making a public speech, and most of the time they will show you courtesy by  listening, especially if you are invited to speak by an organization to which  they belong. Appearing as a public speaker imbues you with an instant aura of authority and expertise. 

Giving keynote speeches markets your product, but gives the audience a feeling of anonymity. However, they are a captive audience that actually wants to be there which is the best kind audience to target. Presenting your product in a non-threatening way, gives them a release valve for escape. No one likes to answer a door with a pushy salesperson, and many times, they will not. Giving them an option though, increases your chance of selling to them at that point, and in the future too.

Answering Questions With Your Keynote Speech

When you clarify and answer questions at the podium, or after the engagement is over, you will  provide the audience with reassurance and confidence. In addition, when trust is built, orders do  increase.

Take the time to  listen, and ask questions of the audience members after your speech is  completed.  If they see you really care  and are willing to stay for a little extra time, it helps to create the  impression that you are both competent and flexible.

Getting Speaking Jobs

Now that you know a  few of the potential marketing benefits that can grow from public speaking, consider the how to secure a speaking opportunity for your business. As  long as you are competent in your chosen field, you will find many people who  are willing to listen and learn.

Where can you begin  public speaking to promote your business? There are many possibilities and a  short brainstorming session will probably give you number of quality choice.  There are a few standard and reliable ones, such as Chambers of Commerce, clubs, and trade/professional associations, as well as keynote speaker agencies like You can try talking to them about representing you.

Do not forget you will receive exposure for your business through free “print advertising,” too. Clubs and associations regularly list special speakers and their contact information for them in newsletters and local newspapers.

For more information on the advantages of keynote speaking, check out

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