Hot Home Tech For 2023/24

What kinds of tech products are homeowners shopping for this holiday season? Some aim to upgrade their living spaces with the latest and greatest devices, appliances, and systems before the holidays arrive. Others are searching for sophisticated selections like media rooms and electric vehicle chargers to start the new year with a high-tech bang. 

Facial recognition enabled doorbell cameras, home lifts, and smart energy systems are three other choices that are enjoying high demand. Consumer tastes and preferences change from year to year, but the freshest tech products always get the lion’s share of attention from buyers who keep up with trends and are willing to invest in making their living spaces as comfortable, safe, and energy efficient as possible. Which of the following home tech items are at the top of your list for the 2023/24 buying season?

Doorbell Cameras With Facial Recognition

Door mounted surveillance cameras are a huge part of smart technology for residences and have been around for several years, but two things have happened to the market. Both developments are good news for consumers. First, as technology advanced, prices for common units came down substantially. Next, the sophistication of available devices has risen to the point that the latest doorbell cams come with sophisticated, internet-connected FR (facial recognition). Consumers love the affordability of high-tech gadgets, but they particularly like the way the new cams can identify most visitors within a few seconds. There’s never been a safer way to answer the door. Demand for FR-enabled household cameras has risen so high in some places that buyers are put on waiting lists.

Home Lifts

Installing a home lift can completely transform the ambiance and look of any room in a private residence. Every year, more owners install the units to boost their home’s comfort, convenience, elegance, and safety. For instance, those who choose high-tech Stiltz home lifts never have to worry about stair-related accidents. But in addition to enhanced home safety, the lifts deliver a large measure of everyday convenience for individuals who like the idea of quick, efficient movement within their houses. When a lift owner puts the property on the market, they can attract more potential buyers and command a higher selling price. When it comes to technological improvements, it’s hard to find any product better than a domestic lift.

Media Rooms

After the massive growth of videoconferencing in the early 2020s, people have begun to install miniature TV studios in spare bedrooms, garages, and any unused space they can find. Today’s media rooms feature high-definition video cameras, sophisticated audio components, green screens, and newsroom desks for professional-level recording and broadcasting.

EV Charging Stations

In the past 10 years, the price of EV charging stations for private homes has dropped substantially. Now, individuals who own electric cars can install the units in their garages or yards for maximum convenience. One benefit of a home-based unit is the chance to charge batteries during off-peak demand when utilities offer lower prices per kilowatt hour. Some units are portable, so people can disconnect them and take them to a new residence when they move. Quick charge devices can replenish a car’s batteries in about two hours.

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