Homelessness Getting the Spotlight from the Efforts of OnlineBookClub Creator Scott Hughes

Many people feel like they have very little power, but the written word can give power to anyone, and through what we write, we can leave a legacy that stretches generations. Scott Hughes, the founder of OnlineBookClub, has made it his mission to create change in the world.

His website, OnlineBookClub.org, brings together readers and authors from all over the world in a friendly community – with free membership. The community he has helped create has a tendency to come together and spark inspirational and philanthropic efforts. Scott Hughes likes to give the community a little push here and there to get a good cause started.

Rough Sleeping for a Good Cause

Scott has been participating in the initiative from Sleepout.org, which is a fundraiser that garners support from organizations like Online Book Club and many more.

The Sleepout.org fundraiser has a very simple concept- those who are participating will sleep in the back of their house outside, but the catch is that they have no tent, no sleeping bag, or any other items to help give them a pleasant night’s sleep. In other words, they’re getting a chance to sleep like the homeless people do, spending time sleeping rough so they can better understand what homeless people go through. The funds raised are put to a good cause.

When Scott Hughes participated in the fundraiser, he ended up with a very memorable night under the stars. During November in Connecticut, he had no protection when sleeping on the cold ground, and temperatures were expected to fall to 37 degrees Fahrenheit that night. It helped him gain perspective about the more than 2.5 million children who sleep without a home in the United States alone.

Working Together for Good

Even though Scott had a very memorable and educational experience himself, he was pleasantly surprised by how much support the fundraiser received from the Online Book Club community. Members on the site sent in letters and notes of support to Scott himself, and to the larger fundraiser, all of which were accompanied by donations to show just how closely knit this community is, and how it comes together for a good cause. The community worked together to raise awareness for the issue as well as for the fundraiser.

Scott had set a goal for his endeavor and what he thought the site could bring in through the reading community. His goal was not just reached, but quickly surpassed, and it made his cold night of sleeping under the stars well worth it. It’s exciting to think of what might be planned for next year as Scott Hughes and Online Book Club continue to raise awareness of important issues and bring together people from all around the world.

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