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The very thought of having termites in your home gives a cringing feeling. If left on their own, they are quite capable of ruining your property. Thankfully, there are ways to detect their presence in a home and getting rid of them with home pest control services Phoenix, AZ professionals.

There are more than a few ways that can help non-professionals to discover a termite infestation. One main pointer is the incidence of wings.

You will notice your floors, window sills and other places that are closer to a source of light to be littered with swarmers’ wings. You shouldn’t worry when finding swarmers at a distance from your home, but you should certainly get concerned if you notice them in areas inhabited by you.

You can discover the presence of termites by locating the presence of mounds of mud in your premises. Termites like making tall heaps of mud that generally don’t go unnoticed for a long time by the homeowners. Usually, they appear on window sills, brickwork, concrete and other thick structural materials.

Another clear and easy sign of the presence of termites is damaged wooden furniture and other items made from wood.


Getting rid of termites is quite a lengthy process as they are too tiny to get noticed and seeking professional help is the best way to eliminate them. Meanwhile, you may try restricting their growth by applying borate on all wooden items, such as furniture, floor, sidings, window sills, and beams, etc.

Your other option is to use termite bait, which consists of tubes containing wood dust that attracts termites. Bait may not really help in getting rid of termites totally, but you’ll come to know their location in your home.


Prevention is often easier than removal. Experts suggest taking preventive measures before constructing a house or purchasing one.

The site chosen for constructing a house ought to be treated, making it unhealthy for termites to make their dwelling in your home. Companies offering pest control services use termite repellent chemicals that remain effective for about five years.

Taking this step at the time of the construction is a good preventive measure. Keep in mind that certain types of termites flourish in moist humid conditions. Builders may provide a humidity barrier beneath the basement or below ground floors.

These preventive measures help keeping termites away. However, it is imperative to periodically check for termites. Wooden items should be kept dry all times to keep your environment free of these unwanted guests.

Rather than regretting later, it is better to take the necessary preventive measures right now. Save your property from getting damaged by termites.

Get your home inspected by a reliable pest control company before it gets too late.

1. Have your own pest inspection carried out prior to listing your home for sale. This has the benefit of having a fully independent point of view about what state your home is in before someone has made an offer and things are becoming emotional. It also gives you the opportunity to carry out any necessary maintenance or rectification works before a potential purchaser has an inspection carried out and finds issues.

2. Rectify any problem areas noted in your inspection report. Things like leaking taps, stored or waste timber under the house and other conducive conditions for termite attack will be picked up by the buyer’s inspector and reported on.

3. If termite control is required, don’t skimp on the quality of the treatment. A termite inspector can pick up in a flash where corners have been cut, or where cheaper and possibly inferior products have been used. This can also lead to further doubts in potential buyers’ minds if they think you may have cut corners in other maintenance areas.

4. If there are no problem areas noted during the inspection, or even if there are termites and you carry out appropriate termite control, your property may be eligible for a warranty and the best part is that the warranty is transferable with the property. That actually gives you an extra selling point.

One of the most important points to consider is that when you have an inspection carried out the inspector is working for you so ensure that you are completely honest with them.

The more history of treatment and infestation you can provide the better the end recommendations will be.



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