What are the Various Home Decoration Styles?

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Who does not want to have a warm, cozy and luxurious feel in your home to relax in after a long and hectic day? Home decoration is a way to showcase the creativity one owns. Though tricky, but when done right by expressing the desired theme it lets the viewers see the artistic side your home gets. It brings pleasure not just to the ones living in that home but also to those who’re visiting the house and brings great inspiration and motivation to them. The art of decorating your home is done perfectly by paying attention to details which brings forth an innovative and creative side.

Because of the wide interest in home décor, there are innumerable themes to choose from for your home. Deciding on a theme and then applying it is also crafty as it’s possible that an attractive and pretty theme does not appear to be beautiful at your spot. Also, the décor not according to your lifestyle becomes uncomfortable for you though the house is furnished beautifully. Or a decoration exceeding your budget limits makes you restless somehow. It is suggested that before taking an action of changing the interior design, take an initiative by doing a thorough research and find out what sort of décor works best for you.

Among the decorating styles, the most common ones are:

  • Contemporary- design based on current trends and styles.
  • Mid-Century Modern- nostalgic style from mid-1900s specifically 50’s and 60’s decades combined with modern lifestyle to be functional, avoiding extras.
  • Minimalist- The style has simplicity and as the name suggests, minimum décor to handle functionality well.
  • Industrial- Portraits a raw, urban, warehouse sort of style.
  • Rustic- Embraces perfect imperfection, as raw wood finishes, loose weave textiles, etc.
  • Farmhouse- Contains a rustic vibe but does not have much refinement.
  • Scandinavian- Clean and earthy style based on Nordic culture’s nature-loving simplicity.
  • Bohemian- A unique, carefree, individual and tolerant style.
  • Traditional- The style confines itself into past European tastes.
  • Transitional- It includes some elements of traditional and contemporary style balancing the final decorating style, the transitional one.
  • Here are some ideas for 2020 – https://www.housebeautiful.com/uk/renovate/design/a28768374/interior-living-room/.

From among these styles, the one which catches me the most is a traditional style. The traditional style piques the interest as different people take different traditions from their backgrounds to create a style that works best for them. It offers a lot of variety which is interesting, admirable and appreciable. But nowadays people within the same country merge different traditions from different countries and put forward a final piece which is a great artistic piece. One of the best features of traditional home décor is that it offers comfort with a lot of variety. Every element seems familiar and when placed at its right place gives a pleasant and predictable expression. Traditional style promotes warmth and welcome and this is one of the reasons why this look has survived.

The cultured furnishing with stylish and elegant fabrics allows you to easily live with this style and nothing is more attractive than this. One thing to pay attention to is the importance of balance. For example, you can use objects made from toned woods, with a mirroring of traditional style and culture and some religious traces as well. To put it simply, this style really is the most exotic style to use.

There are different things which can be a part of traditional style:

Bright Colors

The West’s interior design goes with colors that appear lighter. In contrast, the Asian’s traditional interior design is distinguished by its brighter tones of colors. If you use a lot of color, this can cause chaos and a crazy mess, so you need to pay attention to detail and bring forth the creativity in you to generate a bright color scheme that fits right with everything. The difficult part is that the colors chosen differently for each thing, for example, for floors, walls and chairs. If you succeed in creating a perfect color scheme then that’s perfect.

Wood Furniture

An important element of traditional styles is solid wood. The most use of material is made for items such as chests, and other items of furniture such as foot stools. This element is important in traditional style as it looks elegant, but traditional. This article is worth checking out.


Among many other elements of home décor, decorative cabinets offer functionality and are aesthetic at the same time. The cabinets act as a storage unit for kitchen and bathrooms too. To make these cabinets decorative in a traditional way, they’re painted with bright colors, etc. which can best be used with other pieces of wood to fill the space gracefully.

Informal Spaces

Informal spaces also portray a traditional look while offering comfortable and informal interactions at these places for relaxation. In these spaces, you can use a range of seating which can be done with sofas, high chairs, footstools, and dewans. To provide additional warmth, rugs and cushion serve their purpose at these spaces. A traditional piece can bring out a positive yet traditional vibe.

Decorative Artifacts

The traditional style offers a wide variety of decorative artifacts to decorate your house with a lot of choices to choose from.

Handspun Fabrics

Another area of traditional style is beautiful handspun fabrics. There are innumerable ways to use these fabrics from the drapes of the window or covers for a beautiful canopy, for dewans, etc. make it all comfortable and homey.

For more ideas for home decoration, check out Bodenwindlicht.



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