Here’s How GPS Tracking Can Prevent Cargo Theft

Nowadays, everybody loves online shopping. Indeed, during and after the pandemic, online shopping became mainstream as it was convenient for users to sit at home and get even daily groceries at their doorsteps. However, shippers and transport companies were under a lot of strain and distress to deliver an impressive number of packages daily.

Perhaps in any type of transportation business, having an efficient supply chain is imperative. The logistics business is constantly under pressure to deliver goods timely and ensure valuable customer service, says, who provide logistic solutions to the Continental United States and Canada. Companies have to manage fleets, cargos, drivers, laws and regulations, and many other aspects that affect their overall functioning and operations.

But one of the most pressing issues that transportation companies have to deal with is cargo theft. Such thefts are causing the economy to bear billions of dollars yearly and affecting the sector’s performance. Reports state that around 783 cargo thefts were reported in 2021–an increase of 23% in value compared to 2020, making it the highest average value in the last five years. 

Criminals can steal anything in cargo theft, such as motorcycles, cars, and even aircraft. Food and beverage and electronics are prime victims because the shelf life of the food industry is short, and electronics are expensive and valuable. And today, thieves are more advanced as they have access to cutting-edge tools, making thefts and break-ins very smooth and unobtrusive.

GPS Trackers Prevent Cargo Theft

Fortunately, robust GPS tracking devices help logistics companies protect cargo while on the road for deliveries. GPS devices prevent cargo theft or help fleet managers recover stolen vehicles quickly.

Track Delivery Vehicles in Real-time

GPS trackers enable real-time monitoring of cargo’s location and provide instant alerts of deliveries. For example, when delivery is made correctly, you know there was no theft on the road, providing an extra layer of security. Further, if cargos deviate from the planned route, the tracker notifies the manager and concerned authorities in real-time.

But in case of cargo theft, the tracker automatically alerts the manager and sends real-time location coordinates of the trailer. They can call the driver to check if there’s an issue or provide the location details to police authorities in confirmed thefts.

Nowadays, many GPS trackers come with a two-way communication feature that enables drivers to call an emergency contact if they’re attacked by thieves. With just the press of the SOS person, the tracker alerts the contacted person to take necessary steps immediately and resolve the issue as fast as possible.

Add an Extra Layer of Security

While you can monitor each cargo in real-time, you can prevent thefts using the geofence feature. Geofence allows you to set a virtual perimeter around a location on the map. So if the vehicle crosses such an area, the tracker will immediately notify the manager about such actions. This feature can help protect your assets and take the required steps instantly before it’s too late.

Moreover, there is no limit to the number of geofences you can put around different areas. With a geofence, you can come to know that cargo has entered a prohibited area and be alerted of a potential threat. And if any unauthorised activity is confirmed, the tracker can provide information about what is happening to administrators, and they can respond accordingly.

The trackers will alert administrators when the cargo spends too much time in one location or changes in motion. For example, if the trailer is parked within the premises, it should be idle and not moving. The tracker will warn when the engine is turned on and starts moving.

Track and Monitor Assets on the Road

While GPS trackers can be attached to cargo and tell you everything about where the shipment is going, its ETA, unauthorised trips, and much more, how can you ensure that the assets in the cargo are safe and sound? Indeed, GPS trackers can help you here! Asset tracking is equally vital as you don’t want to deliver damaged or half-promised goods to customers.

These GPS trackers use IoT sensor technology that tracks the temperature, volume, and cargo position inside the trailers. These sensors work in tandem with GPS trackers and provide information about the vehicle’s location and the goods’ status inside the cargo. Door sensors will tell the administrator about each door opening and closing and report a theft at the earliest. For example, if the cargo stops and the door opens at an unauthorised location, you can call the driver to know if there is any problem and fix it quickly.

This is important mainly when diverse assets are spread out in different geographical areas. In some cases, assets are moved around multiple parties, which increases the scope for thefts and losses anywhere along the lifecycle journey.

A GPS tracker can alleviate such issues. The device provides location information, alerts on changes in temperature beyond the normal range and deteriorating assets, and much more. With such insights, you precisely know about your assets during each journey phase.

Keep your Cargo and Assets Safe

When cargos are safe and protected, businesses can avoid unnecessary losses, reduce costs, and improve productivity. Likewise, it ensures accountability and transparency in the business. Ultimately all of this together helps deliver efficient customer service and enhances brand reputation in the market.

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