Here’s a what inspired the making of MetMo’s innovative screwdriver

Screwdrivers enjoy a different level of fandom among people from different walks of life. The fact that the tool allows you to take the job into your hand and fix things up gives a high degree of satisfaction. That’s exactly why it has always been not just another fixing tool but a collector’s item. 

But just like the modern-day equipment and devices, even a screwdriver deserves a little upgrade to elevate the experience of using it as well as to eliminate the common problems linked to a standard screwdriver. Launched recently on Kickstarter, MetMo’s Screwdriver does this job far beyond one can imagine.

MetMo Driver is a hybrid of old (the precursors to electric drills) and modern ratchet screwdriver. It has been inspired by the original patent of the Weltrekord ratchet screwdriver designed by Conrad Baumann. Interestingly, the initial design of Conrad’s Weltrekord ratchet was introduced more than 100 years back. The inspiration behind the design of the hybrid version has been taken from two different versions, a very early 1900s model and a newer 1970s version, as shown below: 

The ’70s retro design is slightly slimmer than the MetMo driver, most likely due to the cost implications during the production process back in the day. Among the many changes that make MetMo driver a complete tool, the first major change has been made in the adjuster pin. The new version sports a knurled brass component that allows the driver to interact with the original pin better. On a cold winter morning, one can easily operate the driver even while wearing their gloves and arctic survival gear. 

Moving on, the reciprocating pin and chuck needed a few amends to increase the overall wear resistance. To enable this, MetMo incorporated a larger chuck equipped with a broached hex drive and a neodymium magnet that helps keep all standard bits intact. The new version has also introduced a brass brush to support the free-spinning handle. This helps get more control over the driver with additional weight to prevent slipping and damaging a stubborn screw. 

Preparing for the reimagined version was not easy, but sketching helped. Multiple sketches went into finalizing the smaller yet critical aspects like size, proportion, number of parts, etc. But that was just the beginning of the process; the real magic began once 3D modeling came into the picture.  

3D modeling: Setting the stage to transform a vision into reality 

MetMo used a 3D program called Solidworks to translate their vision into detailed 3D designs that set the stage for one of the best screwdrivers available in the market today, and it’s used in other products too, like this one on ThisIsWhyI’ 3D modeling helps in many different ways, but the most important of them all is that it helps you save the time and effort to finalize the perfect design before getting on with the cutting and molding process. 

Everything from developing the handle’s interlocking system to finalizing the look and feel of the ratchet was taken care of by the 3D models. After running through a series of prototypes and iterations, the team at MetMo finally created a design that was ready for production. 

“So many of these kinds of tools get forgotten about in history with no one really keeping records of where they were from or what they were, so it is great to be able to keep them alive for another generation,” said James Whitfield, Founder of MetMo. 

The improved design enables the MetMo driver to offer 25 times more power than a regular screwdriver. The unique design and specially crafted parts make putting in screws manually much easier. MetMo’s users can keep driving all day long because of its engineering excellence that places relatively less stress on the forearm to effectively reduce the forearm from getting exhausted. The driver comes without a battery to eliminate the problem of ensuring that your screwdriver is charged at all times. The product has been specially made for designers, engineers, thinkers, and anyone who wants to just take a moment to focus, relieve stress, or just play around. With a comfortable hold, users can even play around or fiddle with the driver to have fun while thinking about their next move. 

The most important application of MetMo’s driver (as shown on The Coolector) is that it is very handy and can be carried on the go, kept in a tool bag of any size, or even in one of the back pockets while doing some serious fixing. MetMo also offers an elegant ambidextrous design so that right-handed and left-handed people can enjoy the same experience at their convenience. MetMo is made from premium materials like hardened corrosion-resistant stainless steel, anodized aluminum, and hardened tool steel that truly make it an antique someone would desire to pass on to their coming generations. For other gift ideas, check here.

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