Heat Recovery and Chimney Draught Control in Modern Industrial Production

Chimney Draught Control in Modern Industrial Production

Chimney draught control

Many industrial furnaces, boilers or ovens operate between 370oC – 540oC and heat energy is the most important resource for the process, according to Energy.gov. Although gases from furnace are used and reused in the process itself but still most of the heat is wasted via stack or chimney. According to a report,75% of heat input to industrial processes can go out of the chimney and this is where exodraft’s mechanical chimney draught technology can be used to improve overall production process by regulating the chimney draft for efficient combustion. Chimney fans for mechanical chimney draught technology if implemented can optimize the pressure difference, temperature conditions and wind conditions during heat generation process in modern industries. Mechanical chimney draught products from exodraft are the is the most advanced chimney draft optimizing technology with efficient control system to monitor it’s working.

Heat recovery from modern industrial production

Furnaces, boilers or ovens are a heat consuming process and heat is wasted to a good extent. There are conventional technologies like cyclone and afterburners to reduce or reuse this heat in the same process, but they are not an efficient option if compared to exodraft’s heat recovery system (https://exodraft-heatrecovery.com/heat-recovery-in-industry/) and draft technology. The heat from flue gases can be recovered to 90 % of what is wasted and heat from other processes like cooling or drying. A lot of energy is consumed in many industrial processes and if energy is recovered from these processes then it is direct saving of energy. Exodraft’s heat recovery units are used to harvest heat which is recovered from the process and stored in a water tank.

How can the recovered heat be utilised in the industry?

There are many places in modern industrial production where you can benefit from using the recovered heat. Usually, industries have multitude of tins and moulds to be washed after use and it is straightforward to use part of the recycled energy – in the form of hot water – for the dishwashers of the factory. Furthermore, many factories used the energy for heating, and are having bathing facilities for their employees so they can wash before and/or after work, and in this case, it would also be straightforward to use the ‘free’ hot water for the baths.

Naturally, the recovered hot water can also be used in any other process where hot service water is needed e.g. cleaning. Finally, it is also possible to use the recovered heat to rooms of the offices, e.g. floor heating. Even if all these possibilities aren’t sufficient to use all of the recovered heat, the surplus heat still does not necessarily have to be wasted. You can instead choose to transfer the surplus heat to the nearest power plant, who will pay you for it and send the heat on to a third party.

Installing exodraft’s smart technologies can benefit many industries by cutting their energy costs and increasing profit. Also, carbon emissions from the factory can be brought to the least or even negative making production processes a sustainable operation.   



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