Healthtech Boom: Advent Of Telemedicine And How Is American TelePhysicians Helping The Growth


For years, healthcare has been seen as an out-of-budget expense and a concern for lower and even middle-class families. Large hospitals, private clinics, and lack of policies all contributed equally to this. But then came the WWW, which changed everybody’s world. The internet has been a game-changer for all sectors, and though a bit slower, healthcare has also joined the bandwagon. Internet penetration, affordability, and convenience were leveraged by industries all around the world, and now it’s time for healthcare to flourish under the wings of technology.

Health practitioners, along with IT professionals, are working on new edge-cutting technology every day and have made tremendous progress. Whether it’s surgeries using robotics, diagnosing various kinds of illnesses, or treatment, technology is truly a boon for the sector. It is worth noting that, unlike other industries, healthtech is more time-taking when it comes to the adoption of tech, and rightly so. Due to the sensitivity of the applications and lack of trial and experimentation, every healthtech startup out there has to make conscious, safe, and accurate decisions which might take time. 

According to a report, “The market size, measured by revenue, of the Telehealth Services industry is $16.6bn in 2022, and has grown 20.9% per year on average between 2017 and 2022.”

Telemedicine: Bringing healthcare to the doorstep

Especially since COVID 19, healthcare reboot has been on a constant rise, and when everybody looked for a contactless, affordable option, telemedicine came to the rescue. While virtual appointments existed for some time, the pandemic gave the much-needed spotlight to this sector. 

“Around 40 percent of surveyed consumers stated that they believe they will continue to use telehealth going forward—up from 11 percent of consumers using telehealth before COVID-19,” McKinsey.

Dr. Waqas Ahmed is one of the many doctors around the world who have shown faith in telemedicine. He founded American TelePhysicians, which is aimed at providing healthcare to all at an affordable price. Ahmed, CEO of the company, strongly believes in using technology for the improvement of healthcare around the world. Ahmed has developed various solutions to solve challenges as efficiently as possible. 

He has shown his support at numerous conferences, including the UN meeting on universal health. Awarded as one of the Top 50 CEOs of digital healthcare organizations, he is also a member of IFC and World Bank Think Tank.

Offering services ranging from diagnostics, online consultations, and pharmaceuticals to surgeries and procedures, the company has worked with over 1 Mn patients by now, as per the website. Claiming to be Americas’s largest multispeciality physician’s group of over 200 physicians, American TelePhysicians has reputed names in its clientele and partners’ portfolio. The platform that builds digital healthcare ecosystems has three main verticals that can be used as a single solution or combined for holistic care.


CURA4U is like a marketplace for healthcare, offering patients a platform to book appointments and more. Patients are also offered significant savings on lab tests or medical consultations by booking through their website or moving directly to providers via the website or the app. 

Mainly focused on affordability, the platform also allows companies to register their employees. It is priced as low as $19 per month for an employee. Furthermore, patients can also use their pharmacy cards and avail of up to 87 percent discount on medicines on the platform.


Smartclinix is a tech-integrated platform for physicians, hospitals, and clinics. It provides practical solutions to improve operational efficiency across various verticals. It offers features like EMRs, digital medical reports & billing, a patient portal for effective communication, etc. Hospital administrators can also benefit from the cloud-based software- by taking care of admin operations, online payments, referrals & SMS/email notifications. 

For doctors, there’s an easy task manager and a management solution for appointments. All these features have made it a popular choice among several esteemed facilities and doctors who can utilize their time and costs without compromising on efficiency. 


American TelePhysicians is a healthcare company that offers several different services, many of which are related to the brain and the central nervous system. This includes neurological, psychological, and psychiatric diagnostic care services, all at reasonable prices. They even have programs in place for patients dealing with strokes or traumatic brain injuries so that the patient may be able to get timely treatment for their condition without having to spend unnecessarily long durations traveling to see medical practitioners.

They also have mobile apps available and other resources geared toward making it easier for doctors administering care and patients getting that care to communicate with each other as efficiently as possible so they can provide more effective diagnoses and/or treatments.

Preventive Healthcare: Need of the hour

The current day lifestyle moves at a fast pace and, therefore, gives rise to many health conditions, including diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension, heart problems, and more. Some of the contributing factors include dietary habits, alcohol, smoking, and substance abuse. Moreover, most of the people in cities don’t find time to exercise. 

COVID brought the entire world to a halt, and thus people are seen focusing on both their physical and mental health. Due to this, healthtech is expected to experience a noticeable boost in the coming years, and companies like American TelePhysicians will drive the growth. The platform is not just making healthcare better in several ways but affordable as well. People have the option to stay home and get consulted, diagnosed, and treated all at the same place. The industry is in dire need of a new and refreshing framework, and hopefully, platforms such as American TelePhysicians will make it possible to have access to affordable healthcare at all times from the comfort of one’s home.

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