Healing With Hypnosis: 5 Ways Quantum Healing Hypnosis Can Change Your Life

quantum healing hypnosis

Can you really go into a trance just by staring into black and white spinning spirals? No, but you may get a little dizzy. You’ve probably seen hypnosis depicted in television and movies but most of it is sensationalized and exaggerated. Actual hypnosis is a form of therapy that helps to heal the mind, body, and spirit. 

Specifically, quantum healing hypnosis has become increasingly popular in the health and wellness. Want to learn more about quantum healing hypnosis? Keep reading.

What is Quantum Healing Hypnosis?

Quantum Healing Hypnosis (QHHT) was founded by Dolores Cannon. It induces the individual into a Somnambulistic state through visualization. This type of state is experienced twice a day: when you become consciously awake and right before you fall asleep. 

What does a Quantum Healing Session look like? During a QHHT session, the practitioner will interview you and find out why you are seeking therapy. After the interview, the second part lasts around two-hours long and involves hypnotizing.

During hypnotizing, you will go into your subconscious and visit your past, ancestral, future, and parallel lives. You can also tap into other dimensions during hypnosis.

Do you have to look into spinning spirals to be hypnotized? No. Most trained QHHT practitioners don’t work with the deepest trance state and don’t use things like spinning wheels or pendulums — contrary to media depictions.

Also, during hypnosis, you will be aware of what’s going on around you. Most people report feeling like the trance was a dream. 

If you’re thinking about trying this technique for yourself, we recommend you research qualified practitioners. Here you can find out more.

How Does Quantum Hypnosis Promote Healing?

It may seem unbelievable that something simple can have such a major effect. There’s nothing wrong with a little healthy skepticism. However, this technique does have the potential.

QHHT clients have reported healed wounds and scars, reduced migraines, improved intestinal health, and diminished lung issues. Some have even claimed the quantum healing hypnosis has even cured them of HIV. Here are five other ways this therapy technique change your life:

1. It Heals Mental Health Disorders

QHHT produces a state of ultimate relaxation — which helps to reduce anxiety. It also works to eliminate negative thought patterns and behaviors. 

2. Relieves Joint Pain

Joint pain is caused by inflammation in the body. Inflammation comes from negative energy. QHHT helps you to eradicate negativity from your body which in turn reduces overall pain and inflammation. 

3. Removes Chronic Illness

QHHT involves tapping into your subconscious which helps you to understand why a disease is present. Practitioners assert that this is enough for the illness to be relieved and removed from your subconscious.

4. Improves Relationships

Another part of QHHT is that it promotes forgiveness. Your higher self chooses messages you need to hear which helps you to work through burdens or unresolved issues with friends or family.

5. Overall Well-Being 

A common benefit among all clients of QHHT is that they feel an increase in overall well-being. Of course, this is felt after a few sessions.

Give Quantum Healing Hypnosis a Try

The claims made about quantum healing hypnosis have yet to be medically and scientifically proven, but this therapy technique is worth a try.

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