Have the Perfect Furniture for Every Season with One Collection

When Halloween rolls around everyone wishes they had different furniture. After all, your present furnishings may not give you much cause to take fright. A lot of people also wish for more furniture around the holidays, particularly Thanksgiving, winter celebrations, and New Year’s parties. 

If you constantly find yourself wishing for features that you don’t currently have, it is a good time to replace your furniture with something a bit more adaptable to the seasons. Furniture collections released over the summer are now on clearance, and if you shop online you can get even more savings. 

What to look for in-home furniture for all seasons

When you are getting furniture for your entire home and you want to be able to adapt to seasons and special occasions, you should do your shopping online where you have the most options. You can buy furniture online @ 1StopBedrooms that will meet all of your needs. As you browse, keep these things in mind.

Versatility is key

The needs of most households are constantly changing and variable, so versatility is key when choosing your home’s furniture. Dining sets that can be extended by 2 to 4 place settings with additional side chairs or a dining bench can allow you to easily adapt your dining room to any occasion. If you throw a lot of large dinner parties and have the room for it, order an extra leaf or two so you can expand it further.

Another versatile piece of furniture is the modular sectional. Modular furniture comes in easily fit together pieces that can be rearranged or removed from the room entirely as needed. You can get modular sectionals, sofas, or even love seats.

Choose patterns and colors carefully

There are some colors and patterns that just don’t work well with the changing of the seasons. I bright, bouncy floral print is great for summer, but it doesn’t really work in the winter months. Choose furnishings that can easily fit in your home even if you decide to entirely redecorate the room later. Furniture of good quality will last at least a decade, so choose something you don’t mind being stuck with.

Choose furniture in the transitional or eclectic styles

Of all the home decor styles currently trending, the transitional style is the most flexible. You can get a blend of traditional, modern, and contemporary furnishings that complement each other as you move from room to room. This style will also let you get the pieces you want rather than buying boring matched sets.

An eclectic or Bohemian style is also a great way to make sure your furniture is adaptable. You can really go wild finding just the right furniture with just the right character. (And the right budget.) Again, you’ll be able to have a mix of furnishings, but with the eclectic styles, almost anything goes.

Choose furniture with hidden built-in storage

If you plan on redecorating your home with the season changes, you’re going to need a place to store all of your seasonal decors. While large items like area rugs will need to be stored in a closet, attic, or basement, you can keep most of your seasonal decor within storage ottomans and benches available for living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, or mudrooms. 

Placing furniture with built-in storage in your laundry room or mudroom can also give you the ability to store other items out of the way to free up some space. They work great to store cleaners, laundry supplies, and other useful items in an out-of-the-way place that won’t be easily lost.

Ways to adapt your furniture for different uses

Once you have the perfect furniture that you love, you can adapt it with different accessories and art to personalize the space for specific needs. Here are a few ways you can adapt your furniture for different seasons and themes.

Novelty throws and decorative pillows

The easiest way to adapt your furniture to different seasons is to use novelty throws and decorative pillows. If you choose furniture that is of a neutral tone and color, you can easily dress it for the seasons with throws and pillows. Shopping online will give you the biggest selection to choose from.

Seasonal area rugs

If you’ve chosen the right neutral furniture, you can add flair and pizzazz during holidays and other gatherings with an area rug. If you do a basic search for Halloween rugs or Christmas rugs, for example, you will be able to find many rugs online that would work with your space. You can also mark the changing of the seasons by laying out a different area rug for different times of the year.

Change up your wall art, table art, and lamps

If you want to really revamp your home for a particular occasion, changing out the other decor of the room is a great way to decorate for the holidays as long as you have neutral furniture. For example, in the fall you could change out your wall art for pictures of colorful autumn trees and paths, and replace your table art with pumpkins, gourds, or Halloween decorations. In the winter you could include wall art of snowy landscapes and put out Santas or other yuletide table art and collectibles.

Seasonal slipcovers (Project!)

Most furniture can be covered with slipcovers, and you can usually find some options in typical sofa, accent chair, and dining chair sizes. If you have odd-sized furniture, or you are using modular pieces, you might be better off making these slipcovers yourself. 

Have fun with it! You can make slipcovers suitable for every season and occasion so that your furniture is ready for anything. Make floral slipcovers for spring and summer, neutral or natural textures and colors for fall, and blues and whites for winter. 

But you should also make slipcovers for specific seasons and celebrations. Go spend an afternoon at your local craft store and you will see that you have many patterns to choose from for every holiday. You’ll be able to really set off your own style by choosing the fabric yourself.

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