Happiness at Work or Burnout? Measuring is Knowing with The Bridge Burnout Indicator

People are your most important asset. That sounds a bit cliché. The only reason it is repeated so often is that it is the truth. No less than that. Especially now, in a tight labor market, after a Great Resignation and with “Quiet Quitting” as a trending topic on social media, it is important to keep your employees happy.

But how happy are your employees with their work? That’s an important question to ask, not just in the Week of Happiness at Work. That Week of Happiness at Work was the reason to submit a survey to working people in the Netherlands. 1400 People responded.

On average, people gave their own happiness at work a 7.2. That score is the same as one year previously. A decrease is visible on the dimension “connectedness”. It went from 7.3 to 7.0. According to the researchers, this is because we have started to work in a more hybrid way.

How can you reverse that trend? Beanbags, good coffee, free fruit? Team building sessions? No matter how nice, that’s not going to turn the ship around. In order to increase happiness at work and connectedness, customization is needed. And for that you have to listen, know what’s going on.

Consult all your employees at once

For a small company with at most a few dozen employees, it is not difficult to discover that people need. But if you have to investigate how happy employees are in their work in a larger organization, you as an HR department face a huge challenge. It is impossible to have conversations with several hundred employees.

Fortunately, you can fall back on a measuring instrument that has proven itself in practice and is fully scientifically substantiated.

The Bridge Burnout Indicator is the only professional burnout test that not only examines whether employees show burnout symptoms, but also measures happiness at work.

The Bridge Burnout Indicator measures the following dimensions:

BurnoutHappiness at work
General tirednessInvolvement in work
Mental distance to workProactive vitality
Cognitive (over)loadWork satisfaction
Emotional (over)loadInvolvement in the organization

Fast, efficient and clear

The Bridge Burnout Indicator is fully automated. Smart algorithms, including the unique normative-ipsative split technology, quickly process your employee’s answers into a clear report in which you can see exactly how comfortable someone is in his or her own skin.

The preparation of the test only takes half an hour from the moment the order is placed. Employees then complete the test at a time that suits them. This is fast, efficient and, moreover, very cost-effective.

Kill two birds with one stone

The Burnout Indicator of The Bridge has been developed for professional users. Scientists and professionals from the field have worked together to develop a reliable, valid and relevant tool. The questions you have as an HR professional have been the starting point for the development. With The Bridge Burnout Indicator you kill two birds with one stone.

The instrument serves as an “Early Warning System” for burnout symptoms. Employees who are struggling at work are on HR’s radar at an early stage. You not only know who is at risk of burnout, but you can also recognize the causes. As a result, you can take action to prevent burnout (and the enormous costs associated with it).

With this burnout assessment tool, you also gain insight into the happiness at work of your employee base. Are your employees dedicated and full of energy at work every day? Do they enjoy it and feel proud to be part of the organization?

Or do they get little happiness and satisfaction from their work? The Bridge’s Burnout Indicator turns questions into answers.

Measured, and then what?

No organization is perfect. Chances are that when your entire workforce participates, the Burnout Indicator will reveal things that can (or should) be improved. As an HR employee, you analyse the results. Chances are that you will discover that some employees are having a very hard time. As a human resources department, you enter into the individual conversation with them.

To strengthen the connection, you have to look beyond the individual employee. Everyone has wishes, which sometimes conflict with each other. It is up to P&O to find the best balance.

Look for causes for lower happiness at work (or higher risk of burnout) that come to the fore in many employees and tackle them first. After corona, lockdowns and all the other misery of recent years, there is a good chance that you will discover that the degree of involvement and connectedness has also decreased at your company.

So look for ways to tighten the ties. As an HR professional, you obviously don’t do that on your own. The entire MT must participate; leading by example. Do not, as some employers, radically ban all work from home again, but make sure that your managers and middle management set a good example. Only when the workplace is attractive again, your employee feels a higher involvement.

Order The Burnout Indicator

Want to know how your organization is doing with involvement and burnout? Order The Bridge Burnout Indicator at TestGroup. Purchase can be per piece, or in large numbers.

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